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{Pastor’s Wife} The Pastor’s Wife is Simply a Wife

Written By: Rachel Shaw

My husband has been a youth pastor for about 2 months now… so you could say I don’t know much about being a pastor’s wife just yet.  God has divinely led our family to the city of Chatham in Southwestern Ontario for the next season in our lives.  We went through a series of interviews with the lead and associate pastors, as well as the board before Aryn was hired.  Something that stood out to me about the pastors and board was that they didn’t have many expectations of me.  They clearly stated that they are simply hiring Aryn for the role of the youth pastor position and in no way should I ever feel pressured to take on the work that is assigned to Aryn.

This spoke to me and was of great confirmation because I know many pastors’ wives that get pulled into the role of husband’s position and I was nervous that was going to happen to me.  Don’t get me wrong… Aryn and I work as a team and I will stand behind him and encourage him as he begins this journey as a pastor, but I love that I am not expected to take on some or any of the responsibility of his job.

“My wife’s role in the church is not to lead women’s ministry (unless she wants) or children’s ministry (unless she wants) or serve on a committee (even if she wants).  Her role in the church is to be a worshipper of Jesus, a faithful church member, to serve where she wants (except committees) and be my wife.” –Scott Thomas (Pastor, Journey Church)

I love coming and helping out at the youth group and getting to know/mentor the youth there.  I will serve the church and God’s people just as he has called each of us.

God has led our family to this church, which I absolutely adore.  I love that they specifically outlined that my job is just to support Aryn and that there are no expectations of me to take on any responsibility of fulfilling his role.

At the time that Aryn was hired, we found out that I was pregnant!  My job is to be a good wife for my husband and take care of this little one growing inside of me.  I have begun to take it easy and cut back on my work load to be sure that I am getting the proper nutrition and rest that I need to care for this baby.  I know that God has called me to great things  and I love my position of being a wife!

“Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.” 
Proverbs 31:11 


About Rachel:

Rachel is a Child and Youth Worker and works with individuals with disabilities.  Her husband Aryn is a Youth Pastor in the great city of Chatham.  They are expecting their first child– coming September 2016.  She loves long walks on the beach and warm brownies.

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{14 Days of LOVE} Marry Your Best Friend

Written By: Rachel Shaw

I fell head over heals in love with Jesus on May 14, 2010 at a youth conference in Waterloo.  It was in that special moment that I dedicated every aspect of my young life to God.  I was unsure what this entailed but it felt so right.  Each and every day after school I got my chocolate snack and ran to my bedroom desk to begin reading God’s Word.  The excitement of living for God consumed my life.

2 Corinthians 6:14 (ESV)

The Temple of the Living God
Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

My journal was one of the most important things to me.  It held each and every prayer, and my experiences with the Lord.  One evening I was praying for my future husband.  I was single and did not have a special interest in a young man yet.  In my prayer journal, I made a precise list of all the characteristics that I wanted my husband to have.  I totally believe that a husband and wife should be on the same page when it comes to God.  2 Corinthians 6:14 lays it out well when it comes to marriage.  After reading this passage, I made sure that my husband was going to be a Christian.  Because I am passionate about sharing my romance story with all of you, I am going to share my list.

-blue eyes
-rich (I was in grade 9 okay!)
-oldest child in family
-loves kids
-plays guitar (to bond with my dad)

I prayed a special prayer for my husband and that was it.  Nothing crazy happened the next day.  A handsome twenty year old did not throw rocks at my bedroom window in the middle of the night.  A man did not text me that evening proclaiming his love for me.  I did not know anyone that fit my specific criteria.  So what next?  Wait.

I faithfully attended the “Unshakable” youth group at my church and grew tremendously in my relationships.  New friendships were designed by God and I loved it!  I gained many friends but my very close friends were Elizabeth, Branden and Aryn.  We started hanging out as a group and over time Aryn and I grew closer and closer (My dad didn’t like how my best friend was male but he thought great things about Aryn!).

Throughout our friendship, our pastor’s wife said to me “Rachel, you’re going to marry Aryn one day!”  I thought she was crazy!


Time went on as I waited for my dream man that God would put into my life.  Little did I know, he was already there as my best friend.  Our friendship blossomed into something I could never have imagined.  We started to fall in love.


Aryn matured into a wonderful man who I couldn’t stop thinking about!  It was so unexpected yet so awesome.  We dated throughout high school and got married soon after.

I was amazed how God heard and answered my prayers.  Aryn grew into a man that fit EVERY characteristic on my list (except rich but now I realize that wasn’t important lol)

Matthew 6:33 (ESV)
“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”


I share this romance story often because I want it to encourage all of you.  Young boys and girls, God cares about your heart and well being.  He wants to be involved in every aspect in your life, including your love story.


He cares deeply about your relationships and wants to be glorified in each of them.  I cherish my special journal from grade 9 that had my special “husband list” in it.

It holds so many memories and reminds me that God listens and knows my heart.

Until next time…

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{UYM Bible Study} Day 11. Fun-Fact Fridays!

Fun Fact Fridays

Welcome back to FUN fact Fridays!! We get to interview lovely Monthly-Writer Rachel Shaw!

Rachel shaw head shot SDP

How do you like to relax?

Go out for dinner (Sit and eat food that I didn’t have to cook…perfect!!!)

Who inspires you and why?

My dad. He is the hardest working man with incredible integrity.

How did you meet your best-friend?

My two best friends are my cousins.. I was 3 days old when I met them so I don’t remember it well (lol)

Best vacation you’ve ever taken?

Chicago trip with my husband

Favorite color?

Purple! (Means royalty)

What’s your favorite time of the day and why?

9pm… Sun is down, I’m relaxed and it’s almost bedtime!!

Outdoors or Indoors?

Outdoors (Summer & Fall) Indoors (Winter & Spring)

All time favorite Scripture?

Ecclesiastes 3- A time for everything

Biggest Pet-peeve?

When people ‘gulp’ when ‘chugging’ a drink…

Current Favorite phone app?

Facebook, no doubt!!

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Bless you, UYM Bible Study Group!

~Kerrington Sweeney

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{Special Video} The UYM Project.

The UYM project image

We are so thrilled to share this sweet video put together by a precious friend, Lauren Rivest for our ministry. Thank you Lauren, for assisting us in the creation of this beautiful master piece.

Another HUGE Thank you, to the hundreds of readers in whom were also so highly involved in the creation of this video. UYM wouldn’t be where it is today without you all!

             Special UYM Project video.

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{Life In The Spirit} Friendships.

Written By: Rachel Shaw
Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
I was in total shock when my best friends began telling me their future plans to move to the other side of the world. I thought they were kidding and I wish they were. I love how close we live to each other. I love being able to meet for breakfast on Saturday mornings, or spending a day at the mall. Sometimes I wish we didn’t have to grow up and become adults.
Sometimes I wish we could spend more time together, just like when we were kids. The more I thought about it, I came to realize how much God has blessed me through so many friendships. God designed and specifically placed each of my best friends in my life for many reasons. As I look at all of my friendships, I listed all the ways that God has worked in my life through my friends:
-Fun memories
-Words of affirmation
-Sense of belonging
God had created our human nature for relationship. We were not meant to live this life alone. I have been very blessed to have so many meaningful friendships in my life and blessed with friends that have been there for me in the good times, and also through the bad.
I am so thankful that many of my closest friends are believers and encourage my walk with Christ. I encourage each of you to surround yourselves with other strong Christians, so you can learn and grow together. Help each other in your journey with Christ and be accountable to each other. Love and serve each other, setting an example for those around you.
Enjoy your friendships and take advantage of your opportunities to be together right now because the opportunity may not be there forever. Pray for them and appreciate their commitment to you and to the Lord.
Thank You, Lord, for designing us for friendships. I am so thankful for the wonderful people You have placed in my life to encourage me and to challenge me to bring glory to You. Thank You for them, and I pray that they are empowered to live a life for You.
I pray all things in Jesus’ name, Amen.
Until Next Time,
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{UYM Bible Study} Registeration!!!


Coming September 2015…With Guest-Writer Crystal Cyr, we will be on a journey together, discussing in depth, the book of Ephesians. In the form of an online Bible Study! This is our very first UYM online Bible Study. We hope you will join us, early every Saturday Morning, as we learn to constantly cling to the powerful words, of Our Heavenly Father.

Registration begins TODAY!

To Join us, click this link to the: UYM Bible Study Facebook Group.

In this online group, we will have discussion topics and also have time for prayer requests. If you have any questions…please message us here:

 Until Next Time,

~The UYM Team

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{Life In The Spirit}

Written By: Rachel Shaw

Life in the Spirit

Life in the Spirit…

“The word convict is a translation of the Greek word elencho, which means “to convince someone of the truth; to reprove; to accuse, refute, or cross-examine a witness.” The Holy Spirit acts as a prosecuting attorney who exposes evil, reproves evildoers, and convinces people that they need a Saviour.”

Wow. What a task the Holy Spirit has.

The conviction of the Holy Spirit has been overwhelming me lately. There have been several moments this week when I stepped back and thought about the conscious decision I had just made that was totally inexcusable.

I willingly made a wrong choice and oh my… did I ever feel guilty. I did my absolute best to ignore the constant knot in my stomach and hide my sin from God and act like it never happened (although I know better than that).

The guilt-filled knot in my stomach and my mind wasn’t there for no reason. It’s the Holy Spirit reminding me that the sin in my life is not something I should be comfortable with and I have to change!

After you’ve made a mistake (whether it be big or small) do you feel guilty? The Holy Spirit doesn’t intend to make you feel bad about yourself and the wrong choice you just made, but instead wants you to feel uneasy so you can fix it and learn for next time!

“You however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you.” – Romans 8:9

This passage doesn’t mean that we don’t sin anymore.. but that we are not controlled by sin anymore. Our sinful nature does not reign over us have us in shackles but instead, we are able to stand up with the Spirit and change.

What a blessing the Holy Spirit is to our lives. The conviction we feel is to help us… not to hurt us.

Thank you Lord for the gift of the Holy Spirit and his conviction in our hearts. Help us to learn more about being controlled by the Spirit and not of the sinful nature. I ask that you allow us to become sensitive the conviction and guide us to making the right choices. We love you Lord and we devote our lives to you. We ask all things in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Until Next Time,


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{BIG REVEAL} UYM Promo Video!

UYM Promo video posting
Click Image to watch video!

God has been doing so much in and through Uniquely Yours Ministries…

It has been incredible to simply step back and see all that God is doing in the lives of our readership! The devoted women of faith committed to encourage on our team are truly amazing! This video project has been a joyful, stressful, yet such a rewarding experience that we have all been SO blessed to be apart of. We so look forward to continue writing and by God’s grace, touching more lives than ever before! We know that this Women’s Ministry is NOT at all about us or our team but, rather that when friends read our posts, they are instantly pointed up to Jesus! Because that, is the true purpose and meaning behind our ministry. To be able to see, women of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths, rise up and be everything God has truly called each of them to be. Blessings to you all!

Until Next Time,

~The UYM Team

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{BIG REVEAL} Friday!!! 

{BIG REVEAL} Coming this Friday at 10am EST! Mark your calendars, because you don’t want to miss this very special tribute! The UYM team, along with our incredibly talented in-house Director of Videography, Joshua Chaulk are very thrilled to share this wonderful project with you!!!  #SHINEproject 💛

Until Next Time,


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{Sisters Week!} “D’Alimonte Girls.”

Written by: Rachel Shaw and Bethany D’Alimonte
rachel shaw 01
With a 5 year age gap, it’s safe to say that we had different interests growing up.
-I liked Lizzie McGuire while Bethany liked Dora
-I liked playing with friends while Bethany liked playing with dolls
-I liked Disney Channel while Bethany liked Treehouse
rachel shaw 02
We never really seen eye to eye in our daily activities. We fought over anything and everything.
-The remote
-What to eat for dinner
-What songs to listen to
-Who got the front seat
-Who got the recliner chair
-Who got to lay on daddy’s lap (embarrassing)
-and on and on and on and on…..
rachel shaw 03
Bethany and I spent every waking moment together (not really but it felt like it sometimes). Although we fought so often, we had more good times than bad. Our favourite thing to do together was to have sleepovers. We slept in each others bed every night until I hit grade 10. When she hit grade 10, Rachel began going out more with her friends and her new boyfriend.
rachel shaw 04
Rachel and I spent less and less time together and we both felt as though we were losing our best-friend. The more time we spent apart, the more we appreciated our time together. Since Rachel got married and moved out of the house, we have spent more time with each other because now it is an option and not a must.
Now we choose to see each other several days of the week because we value the time we get to spend together. (We have even added a few sleepovers)!
Our signature quote in our friendship is “Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears” and thats exactly what we do. We have similar humour and enjoy making the same jokes. We both have experienced so much heart break together and comfort each other because we know how the other person feels.
rachel shaw 06
We love one another so much and wouldn’t change one thing about our childhood together. “Sisters; Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other.”