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{Gratefulness Week} Allowing Gratefulness into your Life!

A week of gratefulness

Written By: Krystyn Slauenwhite

“The very fact that we are still breathing means we still have a purpose/mission in life, we aren’t finished.”

I could list off many things I’m truly thankful for in life. When it comes down to it, I’m thankful for my life in general. My life circles around God, family, friends, those who are closest to me; they are the ones who encourage me in life to not give up and keep going.
Life to me is something to be treasured. We were given this life “on purpose, for a purpose.” A lot of us can say we’ve been through hell and back but God looks at the fact that we didn’t give up.
There is nothing I’m more thankful for then having God in my life. He’s been my anchor, always present in time of need and best friend. I’m thankful for everything in my life because of Him. The more I rely on Him the more He pours into me and gives me all these reasons to be thankful.
I hope and pray that if you’re going through a tough spot right now and life doesn’t seem to be very fair right now, I pray you find hope. Just as much as God wants you to see your life as a celebration I pray it turns out that way and that you will be blessed in many areas of your life. Allow for gratefulness to come back into your life if it isn’t already there and I promise you will have a lot to be thankful for!
I want to leave you with this thought. Another realization I’ve come to is how much I forget to think about the things I’m thankful for. I believe it should be a daily thing. It’s so easy to forget with our day to day activities.
If you haven’t already, set a side a quiet time and allow your heart to search for things you’re thankful for 🙂

About Krystyn Slauenwhite:

Krystyn slauenwhite

Krystyn Slauenwhite works within her family business Sojourn Signs in Nova Scotia. Some of her passions include writing, working with kids, being with family and friends and traveling. She is continuing to seek God for direction in future areas of ministry.

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength.’    ~Philippians 4:13

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{Special Video} The UYM Project.

The UYM project image

We are so thrilled to share this sweet video put together by a precious friend, Lauren Rivest for our ministry. Thank you Lauren, for assisting us in the creation of this beautiful master piece.

Another HUGE Thank you, to the hundreds of readers in whom were also so highly involved in the creation of this video. UYM wouldn’t be where it is today without you all!

             Special UYM Project video.

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{Let’s Talk About Dating} Girl meets boy.

Written By: Krystyn Slauenwhite

Guys and girls are very different from each other. 

I wanted to talk about what some of those differences are so we can better understand each other. 

When it comes to dating it’s helpful to realize what the differences are between guys and girls. 

Girls are more emotional whereas most guys tend to be more logical.

This is where communication is so important. Ladies when you have something on your mind, don’t be afraid to communicate that to your guy. If we don’t communicate those things with them, they won’t know what’s going on. I find that’s when we run into problems. I’ve been guilty with that. For example, the guy may say something that makes you feel upset and we tend to keep that to ourselves a lot and by doing that our emotions build up and without guys knowing what’s going on we could blow up on them after awhile because we’ve kept it in the whole time. If we tell them what they said or did made us feel upset, then they can be aware and you both and work it out together.

I highly recommend a book by Gary Chapman called the 5 love languages because I believe it would help you and your partner both understand what your love languages are so you can better communicate with each other. 

I want to make one last important point. I believe it’s so important to be honest with each other. In a way that you’re both open and real with each other. That way you gain that trust and understand each other more 🙂
Until Next Time, 


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{UYM Bible Study} Registeration!!!


Coming September 2015…With Guest-Writer Crystal Cyr, we will be on a journey together, discussing in depth, the book of Ephesians. In the form of an online Bible Study! This is our very first UYM online Bible Study. We hope you will join us, early every Saturday Morning, as we learn to constantly cling to the powerful words, of Our Heavenly Father.

Registration begins TODAY!

To Join us, click this link to the: UYM Bible Study Facebook Group.

In this online group, we will have discussion topics and also have time for prayer requests. If you have any questions…please message us here:

 Until Next Time,

~The UYM Team

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Until Next Time,

~The UYM Team

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{Let’s Talk About Dating}

Written by: Krystyn Slauenwhite

Lets Talk About DatingAs I was working on another idea for my very first column, I felt led in a different direction. I want to share with you from my heart a bit of, what I’ve learned so far in my relationships.
I’m very passionate about this topic, because I realize how important relationships are in our lives and how important it is to surround yourself with healthy relationships that are only going to lift you up.
Through some of the relationships, I’ve been in the biggest thing I can look back on and change is how I used to give in my relationships expecting something back, but I had it backwards. I should be giving and not expecting anything back. You end up having your expectations set higher and once either one doesn’t give on their end of things it can start to get unhealthy because you feel, as if you’re not getting anything out of it.
If you give without expecting anything back, I feel like when you’re with the right person they will do the same and share that same quality making things work out better. I’ll be talking more on that topic in one of my columns coming up, because I feel that’s a topic in itself that is also super important.
I consider a healthy relationship to first have God in the center of it. A relationship where you support one another with any decision and choice you make. You both support your passions and dreams and push each other towards them and one where you can be open and talk about the things that’s on your hearts and then help push each other towards them.
One thing I want to leave you with today is a quality, I am blessed to have as a part of my relationship today. Don’t forget to not only continue to grow together but, don’t stop growing on your own! That will only help your relationship become stronger.

Until Next Time,