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{Let’s Talk About Dating}

Written by: Krystyn Slauenwhite

Lets Talk About DatingAs I was working on another idea for my very first column, I felt led in a different direction. I want to share with you from my heart a bit of, what I’ve learned so far in my relationships.
I’m very passionate about this topic, because I realize how important relationships are in our lives and how important it is to surround yourself with healthy relationships that are only going to lift you up.
Through some of the relationships, I’ve been in the biggest thing I can look back on and change is how I used to give in my relationships expecting something back, but I had it backwards. I should be giving and not expecting anything back. You end up having your expectations set higher and once either one doesn’t give on their end of things it can start to get unhealthy because you feel, as if you’re not getting anything out of it.
If you give without expecting anything back, I feel like when you’re with the right person they will do the same and share that same quality making things work out better. I’ll be talking more on that topic in one of my columns coming up, because I feel that’s a topic in itself that is also super important.
I consider a healthy relationship to first have God in the center of it. A relationship where you support one another with any decision and choice you make. You both support your passions and dreams and push each other towards them and one where you can be open and talk about the things that’s on your hearts and then help push each other towards them.
One thing I want to leave you with today is a quality, I am blessed to have as a part of my relationship today. Don’t forget to not only continue to grow together but, don’t stop growing on your own! That will only help your relationship become stronger.

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