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{Special Video} The UYM Project.

The UYM project image

We are so thrilled to share this sweet video put together by a precious friend, Lauren Rivest for our ministry. Thank you Lauren, for assisting us in the creation of this beautiful master piece.

Another HUGE Thank you, to the hundreds of readers in whom were also so highly involved in the creation of this video. UYM wouldn’t be where it is today without you all!

             Special UYM Project video.

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{Discovering God} My God wants me to Trust Him.

Written By: Luisa Parish

Our family has been brought into an interesting situation! A few months ago my husband, Corey, received a phone call out of the blue proposing a new ministry position in Southern Ontario. The new position sounded like a perfect fit for our new church and for ourselves. It also came with the added bonus of being closer to our hometown! (Anyone who knows me well will know that I often struggled to be in the North simply because I missed my family so much.)

After much thought and prayer, we decided to take the new job and after a few months we have moved down to Fergus, Ontario. It’s simply the perfect situation for us! Or is it?

Naturally you’d think that I’d be ecstatic over the move – an incredible new town, lots of amazing people, a great ministry position for my husband, and a much closer trip to be with family more often already even!

That would all be amazing if not for one small problem…we’re homeless! We do own a home, of course, but it is about five hours North of us in Sudbury where a very slow moving housing market has held off that coveted “SOLD” sign from our front lawn. Two adults can flow through seasons like this without too much trouble, but when you place our two toddlers into the mix it makes for a very stressful situation hopping from house to house as we wait for our permanent home!

We’ve received an outpouring of love from many people – especially a phenomenal couple who has graciously housed us for the first weeks of our move! – but we still find ourselves floating around and waiting as patiently as we can. Being honest, though, I’ve found myself to be impatient a few times so far as I hurl my questions to God. “Why haven’t You sold our house yet? If You brought us here, why hasn’t the move been made easier?”

Then I recall these words:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

and do not lean on your own understanding.

In all your ways acknowledge him,

and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6


I like to think I know what’s best. What’s best for me, what’s best for my family etc. But I can’t see the bigger picture. I’m not the center of the universe. Things don’t stop because I want them to. He is God and I am not.

Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,

to whom belong wisdom and might.

He changes times and seasons;

he removes kings and sets up kings;

he gives wisdom to the wise

and knowledge to those who have understanding;

Daniel 2:20-21


He knows what He is doing; He is taking care of every single one of us. He cares for the wellbeing of my children far more than I do. In these moments, I have to let go of the control and trust Him to take care of us, even if it requires waiting and walking blindly.

Consider these words which God spoke to His people when they, too, were in a strange land without a home to call their own:

 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11


The more I do this bible study (What Do I know about my God? by Mardi Collier, see previous posts) the more excited I get! The more I read the scriptures the better I see and understand God. I have barely scratched the surface but I’ve seen him work and pull through time and time again. Sometimes we just need little reminders here and there that we are not alone. That He truly does love us, want what’s best for us, KNOWS what’s best for us etc. We just let go of the control and trust Him in all areas of our lives.

Whatever season you find yourself in, I encourage you to take this journey with us. Find out who God really is, so that you can develop a genuinely deep and profound relationship with the God of the universe!

Other scriptures to add to the category of My God wants me to trust him

Psalm 56:3-4; Proverbs 3:5-6; 16:20; Isaiah 26:3-4; Jeremiah 17:5-8; 2 Corinthians 1:9

Until Next Time,


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{UYM Bible Study} Registeration!!!


Coming September 2015…With Guest-Writer Crystal Cyr, we will be on a journey together, discussing in depth, the book of Ephesians. In the form of an online Bible Study! This is our very first UYM online Bible Study. We hope you will join us, early every Saturday Morning, as we learn to constantly cling to the powerful words, of Our Heavenly Father.

Registration begins TODAY!

To Join us, click this link to the: UYM Bible Study Facebook Group.

In this online group, we will have discussion topics and also have time for prayer requests. If you have any questions…please message us here:

 Until Next Time,

~The UYM Team

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{Sisters Week!} “Cousineau Girls.”

Written by: Luisa Parish & Sarah Cousineau


A few months ago Kerrington approached my sister and I asking us to write a guest blog for sister’s week. When we asked what topic to focus on, Kerrington suggested that we write about fun memories that we had together as children. We both hesitated…

Now, I would assume that most sisters could spend days reminiscing about their lives together, but my sister and I have a slight hindrance when it comes to remembering “fun memories” together. The trouble is that we really didn’t get along that well – in fact, (to be quite honest), we didn’t like each other at all growing up!

It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the other person per se. We were almost 6 years apart in age which really didn’t help! And so I (Luisa) looked at Sarah as my baby sister who was simply an annoying little brat, while I (Sarah) thought Luisa was mean, cranky, and full of unpredictable mood swings. It was a recipe for many unpleasant days together to say the least!

We were young, of course, and quite oblivious to the precious relationship that God had given us – but now, as we sit together to look back, we can see how good God has been in giving us each other.

I (Luisa) remember sitting in my Aunt’s living room at the age of five. My brothers and I were waiting to hear the news of our newest family addition. I was already outnumbered two-to-one by my brothers and was hoping for a sister. When the news finally arrived that a little girl, Sarah, had been born I was beyond thrilled! The happiness of that day didn’t last very long, however, and as time went by I began to become less and less thrilled at the presence of my new baby sister.

Again, it wasn’t like there was anything wrong with her necessarily – it’s simply a fact of life that when a girl becomes a teenager there are times and places when she must be left alone…yet, it seemed to me at the time that Sarah wasn’t catching onto that fact very easily! I couldn’t understand why she was always coming into our bedroom when I wanted to be left alone and she was always touching my private belongings.

Let’s be real, though: there are always two sides to every story! I (Sarah) wanted attention when I was a kid; and as a young girl growing up around older siblings I just wanted to belong and be a part of the crowd. My siblings all hung out together, so why couldn’t I be included? All of you younger sisters out there can empathize with me – sometimes when you just want to hang out and be included you’re met with a slammed door or rolled eyes instead!

This all added up to much unnecessary tension and turbulence in the very relationship that could have been one of the most special parts of our lives. If only something would happen that would make us see past the petty arguments – if only something would help us see what a treasure we really had in each other…


Let’s fast forward a few years to January 2007. I (Luisa) was 20 and I (Sarah) was just 14. We didn’t know it at the time, but our family was about to face one of the hardest challenges to date; and we, as sisters, were about to learn just how precious the life of a family member can be, for it was in that year that Sarah was brought within reach of death.


After weeks of some strange symptoms and routine checkups at the doctor, a terrifying discovery was made: Sarah had a serious brain aneurism!

Suddenly a whirlwind of appointments and doctor’s visits plagued our family. In a matter of two weeks Sarah was diagnosed, tested and was on her way towards a massive brain surgery. Although the hope was that everything was going to turn out well, the doctors kept warning us that she could die. We had to trust her in God’s hands. We prayed and we prayed, and the more we prayed and journeyed through this trial together, the more I (Luisa) was beginning to realize how deeply I cared for Sarah. In those weeks I realized how many years I wasted fighting with my sister, and in a single moment she could have been taken from us. I felt like I had failed to love and cherish the sister God had given me. That was the turning point for me. I decided that I would hold her closer; I would spend more time with her, and would include her in my life without constantly pushing her away.

That was the season when things changed for me (Sarah) as well. I was forced to grow up a bit. I was dealing with situations that most 14 year olds don’t have to deal with, and as I started to grow up and mature I realized the same sort of things that God was teaching Luisa: life is short and precious and we have to appreciate and love the people that God has placed in our life. Even though it was slow, that’s when the restoration process began between Luisa and me.

Finally the day for the big surgery was upon us. Sarah was brought into the operating room and our entire family waited for her return. Just as I had sat eagerly waiting for the news of my new sibling 14 years earlier, now I (Luisa) waited lovingly for the news of my sister’s return to me – this time with a greater love for her than ever before.

The news arrived…she came out of the surgery alive and whole! They were able to remove the aneurism without causing any damage. Praise the Lord! He had returned my little sister to me!


A year passed by and I (Luisa) moved out and had to work even harder on our relationship. Not in a bad way, but it wasn’t as easy cause we no longer lived in the same house. I had to make a conscious effort to call and see her, but because of this deeper commitment our relationship was growing leaps and bounds. We love each other!

I now view her as my best friend and am thrilled when we get time to spend together. Admittedly there are moments when I regret not treating her nicer and making a conscious effort as kids, but I know that we can’t live life regretting the things we failed in, but rather we must allow God to transform us into a better reflection of Him as life moves forward. I (Luisa) am now aware of the time we have together and no longer waste our time fighting, or holding grudges. Our time is precious and we need to spend it loving and cherishing each other.

Luisa and I (Sarah) wanted to encourage all sisters, young and old, to realize and appreciate the precious gifts that God has given you! God bless you and your sisters today!

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Uniquely Yours Ministries, is very thrilled to announce… “Shine Project!”


#SHINEproject is a promotional campaign dedicated to reaching out and encouraging women in communities across the globe. With the help of you, our dear readership…We are in pursuit of reaching new heights of ministry! Here is our ultimate GOAL:

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We have exactly ONE month, 30 days to accomplish this amazing ministry goal! We believe that with God, ALL things are made possible…With many exciting campaign kick-starters, encouraging scriptures, inspirational videos, special tributes from The UYM team and much more coming your way…You will have the pleasure of sharing, with all your friends and family. This month, will be an incredible month for UYM! Join us August 1st-August 31st for #SHINEproject! We would love to see what you are sharing and doing to promote SHINE in your community!  You may be wondering…”How can I help?” Well, by simply pressing that share button at the bottom of this post, you may just be changing a life forever 🙂 Shining through social-media! So please use our hashtag, on ALL sources of social media. Thank you in advance for your support! We are so grateful!

Click HERE to watch the exciting Promo Video of #SHINEproject!

Until Next Time,

~The UYM Team

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{Discovering God} My God Hears ME!

Written By: Luisa Parish

IMG_2861…I lost my daughter!

It was only for like 2 minutes, but still, it was enough to get my heart racing and sheer panic to well up inside. It was one of those moments when my children decided to tag team me when we were at an outing at the local science center. My son took off in one direction and my daughter in the other. She was close to my friend so I shouted something unintelligible over my shoulder to her and ran after my son. My friend didn’t hear my and by the time I got back Annie was gone.

I started to panic and was franticly calling her name and asking anyone who passed me to look out for a brown haired little girl wearing a green dress and black tights!! With my son on my hip I am running up and downs stairs, through groups of people shouting her name. Tears are welling up as section by section she is nowhere to be found.

As I was coming around the corner and heading towards the k-nex car building center I finally saw her. In the middle of a crowd of people watching the cars race around and around. I called her name still nothing!

Doesn’t she hear me? Isn’t she scared? Finally I get close enough and call her one more time and she looked up and said ‘Oh Hi momma, come and see!”

Seriously??? I was scared out of my mind and here she was calm and simply enjoying the race. Sometimes I feel the same way about God. When I go through a particularly hard time in life I frantically shout out to Him ‘God where are you?? Do you even hear me? Do you even care?’

As I started this bible study, one of the major themes that stood out to me right off the bat was the fact that God does indeed hear us. Starting in the Psalms I have found multiple verses that support that

Psalm 3:4 (ESV) “I cried aloud to the Lord, and He answered me from his Holy hill.”  

Psalm 4:3 (ESV) “But know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord hears when I call to him.”

Psalm 5:3 (ESV) “O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice;”

Want more proof?? Check out…

Psalm 6:8-9, Psalm 34:4,6,15.17; 116:1-2; 120:1

He hears you when you call! The bible tells me so! ( you’re totally singing the Sunday school song right now) If you are following along and making a notebook you can write the scriptures out under the title My God Hears! (For more info on the notebook see my previous post or pick up a copy of What Do I Know About my God by Mardi Collier)

My daughter wasn’t scared! She knew where she was, had been there many times before, she knew what she was doing and she knew I was close by! There was no need to worry.

God is so much greater then my 3 year old. He knows where you are, He knows what He is doing. He Hears you! We know that to be true because the scriptures tell us so. Sometimes we just have to get closer to hear him!

Until Next Time,


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{Discovering God} Knowing Him.

​Written by: Luisa Parish


I don’t consider myself a writer. Never felt it was one of my strengths. I probably wont impress you with my dazzling wit or profound words. I’m just a stay at home mom who has one very strong desire. To know God better!

What about you? Do you desire the same thing? Do you at times think, my life is too busy, I’m too messed up, I struggle with reading the bible, I’m not good at praying etc.

​I know I do! And because of those lies I feel like my relationship with God is really shallow. I claim to love and follow him but I don’t really KNOW Him. I’m sure if I did I wouldn’t always doubt Him or question Him. I would finally be able to surrender my life to Him cause I would fully trust Him. I could actually be more like Him cause I have spent so much time with Him!

​Sounds wonderful don’t it?? But how do we achieve that? A friend of mine introduced me to a book called “What do I know about my God’ by Mardi Collier. And it literally changed my life! It’s a simple bible study that helps you discover who God is and strengthens your walk with Him. No fancy equation, nothing difficult. You just simply read the bible and look!

That’s it?? Really?? YES!! SO simple.

Do you really want to know God? When life gets you down do you want to always question why me? Or Do you want to stop and think what do I know about my God and recall all the ways He is powerful, merciful, loving, gracious etc.! If you do then join me! Every other Saturday here and we will do just that. But if you really, really want to know Him better, then start this simple plan with me!

It requires you, your bible, and a notebook. I use a small binder so I can add pages easily. Start in Psalms and try and tackle one chapter a day. Every time you come across a characteristic that describes God write it down under a specific heading.

For example…

Psalm 2:7 ​“…The Lord said to me, “you are my Son; today I have begotten ​you”

You could write the Title “God is my Father” at the top of a new page and write this scripture under it, and any other scripture that talks about God being our father. If you come across another scripture that talks about Him forgiving us then you would start a new page with the title My God Forgives and list all scriptures that support that. Before you know it you will have pages and pages of scriptures that tell you exactly who God is! So whenever you start to doubt you can recall that God Loves you, or hears you, or sees you!

Each time I will come back and share a different characteristic that I have discovered! This has truly changed my life and I can’t wait to tell you how!! I’m so excited to share this journey with you and hope you find out for yourself who God really is!

Until Next Time,