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{Discovering God} Knowing Him.

​Written by: Luisa Parish


I don’t consider myself a writer. Never felt it was one of my strengths. I probably wont impress you with my dazzling wit or profound words. I’m just a stay at home mom who has one very strong desire. To know God better!

What about you? Do you desire the same thing? Do you at times think, my life is too busy, I’m too messed up, I struggle with reading the bible, I’m not good at praying etc.

​I know I do! And because of those lies I feel like my relationship with God is really shallow. I claim to love and follow him but I don’t really KNOW Him. I’m sure if I did I wouldn’t always doubt Him or question Him. I would finally be able to surrender my life to Him cause I would fully trust Him. I could actually be more like Him cause I have spent so much time with Him!

​Sounds wonderful don’t it?? But how do we achieve that? A friend of mine introduced me to a book called “What do I know about my God’ by Mardi Collier. And it literally changed my life! It’s a simple bible study that helps you discover who God is and strengthens your walk with Him. No fancy equation, nothing difficult. You just simply read the bible and look!

That’s it?? Really?? YES!! SO simple.

Do you really want to know God? When life gets you down do you want to always question why me? Or Do you want to stop and think what do I know about my God and recall all the ways He is powerful, merciful, loving, gracious etc.! If you do then join me! Every other Saturday here and we will do just that. But if you really, really want to know Him better, then start this simple plan with me!

It requires you, your bible, and a notebook. I use a small binder so I can add pages easily. Start in Psalms and try and tackle one chapter a day. Every time you come across a characteristic that describes God write it down under a specific heading.

For example…

Psalm 2:7 ​“…The Lord said to me, “you are my Son; today I have begotten ​you”

You could write the Title “God is my Father” at the top of a new page and write this scripture under it, and any other scripture that talks about God being our father. If you come across another scripture that talks about Him forgiving us then you would start a new page with the title My God Forgives and list all scriptures that support that. Before you know it you will have pages and pages of scriptures that tell you exactly who God is! So whenever you start to doubt you can recall that God Loves you, or hears you, or sees you!

Each time I will come back and share a different characteristic that I have discovered! This has truly changed my life and I can’t wait to tell you how!! I’m so excited to share this journey with you and hope you find out for yourself who God really is!

Until Next Time,



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