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{Let’s Talk About Dating} Girl meets boy.

Written By: Krystyn Slauenwhite

Guys and girls are very different from each other. 

I wanted to talk about what some of those differences are so we can better understand each other. 

When it comes to dating it’s helpful to realize what the differences are between guys and girls. 

Girls are more emotional whereas most guys tend to be more logical.

This is where communication is so important. Ladies when you have something on your mind, don’t be afraid to communicate that to your guy. If we don’t communicate those things with them, they won’t know what’s going on. I find that’s when we run into problems. I’ve been guilty with that. For example, the guy may say something that makes you feel upset and we tend to keep that to ourselves a lot and by doing that our emotions build up and without guys knowing what’s going on we could blow up on them after awhile because we’ve kept it in the whole time. If we tell them what they said or did made us feel upset, then they can be aware and you both and work it out together.

I highly recommend a book by Gary Chapman called the 5 love languages because I believe it would help you and your partner both understand what your love languages are so you can better communicate with each other. 

I want to make one last important point. I believe it’s so important to be honest with each other. In a way that you’re both open and real with each other. That way you gain that trust and understand each other more 🙂
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