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{Beauty} Be YOU! 

Written by: Kerrington Sweeney

The daily challenge and intense struggle of today’s generation is getting people to actually act like themselves. With all the latest and hottest pop stars and actresses making their lives look oh-so-glamorous, why would people even want to be themselves when they could be so much more?!

This is speaking from experience. It was back in the year 2007, when all I wanted to be was, “Hannah Montana“. The lights, dreams, travels, world tours, that musician life… it was truly ‘the best of both worlds’ in my 10 year old eyes! 😉

Whether it was the Hannah posters, notebooks, magazines, CDs, the TV series, pens, pencils… I HAD to have it all!

Coming off of the Hannah Montana phase, I dove right into wanting to be a girl from the 1800’s. Strange? I know! A girl who learned how to sew, to cook at a young age, and live where life was simple and sweet.  Yes, I took this one to the next level, even to the point of wearing an old fashioned apron almost every day! Thank goodness those pictures are put away in “safe-keeping”! Haha! 😉 Whether it was wanting to be Hannah Montana or the simple 1800’s girl, I was still wanting to be someone else, not who I actually was. I realize now that it was just childhood phases, but seriously.

Sometimes, even as a teenager, I get caught in this trap of character and of identity. I start looking at others’ lives and the comparison bug comes and bites me a little bit, and then, I don’t even realize that I’m trying with all my power and might to become like that person. A very wise lady once told me, You never know if someone else is looking up to you. So, if you try and be someone that you’re not, let’s just say, it will be a big identity mess.”

We each are given divine, unique talents, so why try to be like the other girl or guy? Why try to change yourself to be like the latest pop-star? The big question all comes down to… Why? God created you with such an incredible master-plan in mind. He looks forward to using YOU! Yes, you! He has exciting times ahead in your journey and He has challenging times in your future, but He will always be there. So just ‘Be YOU!’

Until Next Time,



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