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{Sisters Week!} “D’Alimonte Girls.”

Written by: Rachel Shaw and Bethany D’Alimonte
rachel shaw 01
With a 5 year age gap, it’s safe to say that we had different interests growing up.
-I liked Lizzie McGuire while Bethany liked Dora
-I liked playing with friends while Bethany liked playing with dolls
-I liked Disney Channel while Bethany liked Treehouse
rachel shaw 02
We never really seen eye to eye in our daily activities. We fought over anything and everything.
-The remote
-What to eat for dinner
-What songs to listen to
-Who got the front seat
-Who got the recliner chair
-Who got to lay on daddy’s lap (embarrassing)
-and on and on and on and on…..
rachel shaw 03
Bethany and I spent every waking moment together (not really but it felt like it sometimes). Although we fought so often, we had more good times than bad. Our favourite thing to do together was to have sleepovers. We slept in each others bed every night until I hit grade 10. When she hit grade 10, Rachel began going out more with her friends and her new boyfriend.
rachel shaw 04
Rachel and I spent less and less time together and we both felt as though we were losing our best-friend. The more time we spent apart, the more we appreciated our time together. Since Rachel got married and moved out of the house, we have spent more time with each other because now it is an option and not a must.
Now we choose to see each other several days of the week because we value the time we get to spend together. (We have even added a few sleepovers)!
Our signature quote in our friendship is “Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears” and thats exactly what we do. We have similar humour and enjoy making the same jokes. We both have experienced so much heart break together and comfort each other because we know how the other person feels.
rachel shaw 06
We love one another so much and wouldn’t change one thing about our childhood together. “Sisters; Like branches on a tree we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one. Each of our lives will always be a special part of the other.”

3 thoughts on “{Sisters Week!} “D’Alimonte Girls.””

  1. What a beautiful testimony, pictures , stories of two beautiful and loving sisters. Rachel, you are the best. Love you much and what a lucky (and very handsome and perfect) grandson I have too.


  2. So love you both soooo much. You have both grown into such beautiful women and i am soo proud of you both.


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