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{Sisters Week!} “Sweeney Girls.”


What a lovely pleasure it is, to be able to co-write alongside both of my Wonderful younger sisters.

Sisters week sweeney girls pictureLet me introduce ourselves… I’m Kerrington… The 17 year old, tea-drinkin’, jewelry wearing, crazy lover of Jesus and of course…writing! I’m a true born Red-head, (or “ginger” you could say…ha-ha!) Yes! Not even an ounce of hair die, on this chicka. 😉

Ireland, our younger sister is…The 15 year old, desk-building, measuring-tape and baseball-cap wearing, super sporty, outdoorsy blonde.
And last… but definitely not the least! Our youngest sister, Jillianne. The 11 year old…fire-cracker, swimmer, fashion diva, whom also is a true born red-head.
As you can already see, we are really nothing at all alike. Unique. Is the word I like to use, so often.

We all have grown up together in a solid Christian Home and have been Home-schooled since day one. So not only are these two beauties my sweet sisters, they are also my fellow classmates. Our parents have taught each of us, even at a young age to serve God with everything we have. No matter what we do, big or small… To do it unto the Lord. This is always, something that has stuck with me.

As the years go on, I now stop and reflect on the past memories from our child-hood and see, how much our parents poured into of each us, so uniquely to our young developing characters. My parents have come to the true realization, that each child is different. But it’s a beautiful difference…
I always remember growing up, not feeling like I had to be like my parents, or even be like my sister(s) to be loved. They treated each of us with a tender love but, it was unique for our character and for our own love languages. 
  They never told us, to be more like the other. They let us develop our own likes and interests according to our God-ordained destinies. I truly believe that’s what has continued to shape each of us, into the Unique-Godly young women that we are becoming today.
 Although, we each are so very different, and some of us have talents that the others may not have…we still always have one thing in common. And that is to serve God with everything we have. Big or small. As I think towards the future of our sister-hood, I am sadden at the thought of one of us “sisters” Leaving the family ‘nest.’ Luckily, that day has not yet come in our family and we still have plenty of time to cherish these precious moments we share together, as Sisters.
As I continued to prepare for this Sister’s post… A thought, I never had really thought before, struck me. And it broke my heart into many pieces.
“Do I truly show Christ’s love towards my sisters’?” And as I thought about it for a bit, My heart started to ache even more. Because I knew deep down, that I had failed in this area many times. Yes, failed.
We are all human, and yes, we all make mistakes but, that’s how the Lord daily challenges us, to change our ways for the better. A feeling of guilt…followed by a step, towards the restoration process of a loving sister-relationship, Is an incredible thing, I am happy to be a part of.
Today, No matter how hard it is… I chose to Love my sisters, just as Christ loves us. With an everlasting unconditional Love. A love that is patient, and kind. A love, that is not proud or self-seeking. A love, that is not easily angered, Or one that keeps record of wrong doings. A love that does not delight in the evil but, Rejoices together in the truth. A love that always trusts, and always has a hope. A love, that always perseveres.  A love, that lasts a life time.
Until Next Time,

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