Our President

    About Kerrington Sweeney: 

President & Founder of Uniquely Yours Ministries

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Kerrington Sweeney is honored that God has entrusted her with this adventure, of Ministry Leadership at such young age. She presently serves as a Children’s Pastor at her Church in Amherstburg. She also serves on various leadership teams at different churches and actively volunteers in her home town. She carries a strong mantle of community, a heart to love the unlovable, and walks with divine purpose to empower and compel women and children of the faith.

Kerrington, adores journaling, public speaking, teaching, shopping, leading, and star-bucks with a friend! She feel’s God’s ‘call’ to live a lifestyle fully committed to ministry and the expansion of God’s Kingdom for the rest of her days on this earth.

 “She looks forward to the days ahead and laughs at the future.” ~Proverbs 31:25

Connect with Kerrington Sweeney On Social Media:

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Email: kerringtonsweeney@gmail.com

Click the video below to hear about our journey and the inception of this ministry.



7 thoughts on “Our President”

  1. I am so happy for you Kerrington. Your light shines so bright for the Lord. I am so blessed to have you as a friend and sister in Christ. I pray God’s blessings over your life as you soar with wings like eagles and shine your light for God. You truly are a blessing for all the hearts you touch.

    Love you Kerrington and God bless you and UYM


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