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Dear perfectionism, you suck.

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Dear Perfectionism,

You suck. You hurt. You lie. You steal. You kill. You destroy. defines it as this: “a personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands perfection and rejects anything less.”

Perfectionism is a deadly play ground to step into. It’s demands upon ones self and others. It is filled with unreasonable expectations, that can never be attained here on earth.

The areas that perfectionism often attacks in my opinion would be…(This being more specifically geared to women. Since that is the audience we most reach.)

Our Relationships. Everyone is always setting a standard. Actually no, these standards have already been set! They are not even personal standards, these are worldly standards feeding perfectionists with garbage. Because we all know everyone wants the “title” of being the insta-worthy looking couple and to be honest, it is literally something I have even personally tried to attain. To look a certain way as a couple, to act a certain way, and to be married in a PERFECT amount of time, etc. It adds so much unnecessary stress to you and your partner.

Our Bodies. The lies that people can speak at times can be deeply wounding to a persons heart who is struggling with perfectionism but, isn’t winning in the area of physical body perfectionism. The media, the movies, the expectations and the standards that are placed on women of “what we should look like” , “what we should dress like” , “what we should act like.” Its disgusting and sickening to me. All of the things that they are promoting are 100% against what a lady should act like. It hurts me.

Our families. Have you ever lived with one? A perfectionist, I mean? Well, my family has (ME!) and I have heard many times that I can cause extra stress and expectations that are, like I said before unattainable in this life. Perfectionism makes it hard to be around a person, hard to talk to them and even hard to want to be around them…cause of the high stress they “give” off so to say.

Our ministry. Something I have struggled with as I began my journey as a Pastor, was perfectionism. Trying to have the most well-behaved students, best curriculum, amazing leaders, incredible relationships built with ALL of the students, etc. Now I am not saying that these few things listed above aren’t attainable…just maybe not all the time. My mentor once told me, in ministry lets say you are running a kids programs and the games sucked, worship was awful (the kids were running around and not listening) and come to lesson time there isn’t much difference there either. But then, small groups come and you have an incredible 20 minutes with your students, thats okay! Not everything has to be perfect for God to show up. Because God likes messy, He’s there in the thick of it. God hates perfectionism because its a chaos filled, vicious cycle of lies that hurts His children.

Our everyday life. Here is an honest and transparent thought of mine. Perfectionism hurts me every single day. Want to know why? Because…If I don’t lose that pound I want to lose, I call myself failure. If my homemade christmas cards aren’t turning out like I wanted them to, I call myself failure. If I am not there for every person that ‘needs’ me and I say the forbidden word of “NO” , I call myself a failure. Folks, I don’t know if you can see what I am saying but, perfectionism attacks from every angle, its always in the act. Its here to steal, kill, and destroy our joy as Christians.

Moving Forward: My takeaway for today would be this. Don’t open the door of your heart to perfectionism any longer. Don’t allow this “vicious turmoil filled thing” to cause unrest and anxious feelings in your life. Live your life to the fullest because God wants you to, not because the world wants you to. When perfectionism is caught in the act of your life, drop to your knees and kick the devil in the face and tell him with a smile on your face “you’re not welcome here anymore.”



Slaying perfectionism one post at a time.

Until Next Time,


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An unedited, transparent chat. 

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Where do I even begin my friends? It has been quiet some time since I have just sat and waited on the Lord and wrote my thoughts down. So here I am today. NO-editing. This is it. 5-10 minutes of straight writing and like I mentioned above 0% editing will be done to this piece.

For a moment, I would like to be real with you all. For the past little while, I have been emotionally very unsettled. Not just hormonally….because we all know that happens. #LadiesDays but, unsettled spiritually too.

I have had a few days where I am just wandering in the wilderness, so to say. A few days of anxiousness, fear, anger, and very uncollected thoughts. Days of desperate cravings for something of stablilty to settle the many extra “things” raging inside me.

Although, I like to seem like I have it all together all the time. I don’t.                              “Type A personality, people-pleasing, super woman who can do all and be all everywhere and never say NO”, that is me in a transparent nutshell.

I do not have it all together and I beat myself up continuously about it. I call myself a failure. I look at my many flaws, before I look at the body I am blessed with. I look at the accomplishments of others and I degrade myself. I look at others success and I create unattainable goals. I am sick health-wise…and yes, I sure do like hiding it. Because it “looks” better. I feel terribly sick most everyday but, not many would really know it.

Struggle after struggle seems to be surfacing in this season of my life.

These struggles have lead to moments where I have questioned God’s will, and questioned His plans completely.

“God, why don’t I feel content?” “Why do I always need new, change, and excitement…why cant I be founded in you and that just be enough?” “Why am I feeling so unsettled?” “Why cant I have it all together…I am serving you and I feel like I am in your perfect will…Why GOD??”

To be frank, these were the prayers….I mean statements, that had in my waring chat with God this morning.

I live a life with high stress. I am feeling hurt…for no apparent reason. I am angry because of our world and the evil things that its about. I am anxious about future endeavours and yes, I’ll say it again….I don’t have it “all together” and that frustrates me to the core of my being.

I call myself failure, instead of treasured daughter.

I call myself fat, instead of beautiful.

I set unattainable goals that can’t be met.

I make promises and sometimes don’t keep them.

I expect more from myself than anyone else.

I can never say No.

I am a hot-mess express.

I am a work in progress. In a testimony building part of my journey.

Although, in the past 10 minutes of writing this I have not found the peace that I desire…I cling to this: “Come to me all who are weary and are burdened and I will give you rest.” -Matthew 11:28

Thank you for allowing me to ramble in my moments of transparency.

Until Next Time,


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 Dating Well. {Part 1}

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Here I am exactly 472 days into my relationship. (Yes, I know the exact days…I am that kind of girl-friend. Don’t even judge me…ha ha!) A relationship that is continually being built to last “till death do us part.”

Being still fairly new, I may not have a lot to offer in ‘advice’ or tips with this dating thing just yet. Then on the other hand, I do feel that from the rocky beginning of our journey together, to now what we will call our forever…I could possibly share some insight in certain areas and from past experiences that we have walked through and learnt greatly from.

First off, what does the term “dating well” even look like?? This is a question that puzzles me, still even to this day.

I have heard countless times Christian leaders, parents and older folks make the comment: “Oh, that young couple… they date so well.”

To be quite honest, I have absolutely no clue what that even looks like or what it truly is “supposed” to look like…because every couple, every relationship, every person is so very different and unique. But like I said earlier…I am going to take a shot at sharing what my thoughts are on being THAT couple, that truly “date well.”

By all means, I am no expert. I don’t have all the answers. If you have all the answers, please do feel free to contact me below. I sure would love to meet with you face to face hahaha. 😉

I have a hand-written list of topics to chat about on this subject in front of me on a brown paper napkin. Of course, all these ideas came to me while I was grabbing a coffee one day and now here I am typing them out for your pleasure and enjoyment at midnight on a Tuesday night.

Alright. Dating well. Here it goes…

This list is not in any order of importance or greatness in a relationship looking to “date well.” Rather its just what came to my heart that one day on the brown paper napkin in line at the local coffee shop.

Communication. Communication is critical. Everyone in a relationship or entering into a relationship will tell you this…Honestly though, it can make you or break you. Again, I am no expert and I still am trying to find the proper balance in everyday communication.

I am glad and even proud to say though that Joshua and I have had a constant conversation since we first started dating. Actually, I don’t like that word ’constant.’ It sounds  a little too excessive. Hmm…Here we go, we have had a continued conversation every single day. (See what I did there? lol) Technology has helped a ton with this.

—Important side note though: Communication is not really communication when its always exclusively behind a keyboard/or screen. Make time for actual important conversations with each other. Don’t just text or call about it. Face to face is the way to go. Communication is key.

“Communication to a relationship is like oxygen to life, without it…it dies.” —Tony Gaskins

Ditching expectations. I totally blame the media and our culture for putting such ridiculous expectations on ‘how’ a relationship should look like and function.

The expectation that is constantly sold and broad casted everywhere is that being a relationship all of a sudden makes you the happiest person on the earth.

I am sorry to be the one to burst your bubble…to say thats not true. Yes, you are so happy to have someone to call your own but, relationships aren’t easy and sometimes they aren’t even THAT fun.

They are hard, challenging, and crazy difficult. They require selflessness and sacrifice from both sides of the relationship. Join with me friends, and ‘ditch the expectations and lies’ that the media is force feeding us.

Prayer. This has been such a tremendous part of Joshua and my relationship right from the very beginning.

Anytime we didn’t know what to do or questioned God’s faithfulness through out all of my extreme health issues, we simply would stop and pray. Believe me, it wasn’t always easy…sometimes prayer came after anger and tears. But prayer makes all the difference.

Spontaneity. (Unplanned acts of LOVE.) Ask anyone…out of the two of us, I am the more spontaneous one and that’s totally okay. Something I love love love doing is surprising people. I love the look on ‘his’ face when I randomly show up at his house with a frozen lemonade “just because.” I love the quirky smile and wink that I see, when I send him a lovey dovey text across the room.

These are moments I will forever have etched in to my mind and heart. Keep the romance alive in your relationship with small surprises…hand written letters, random bouquets of flowers, yummy snacks to share, etc. Keep unplanned acts of love alive.

Thats all I have to share for now…stay tuned for Dating Well. (Part 2)

Until Next Time,



{Life} Under the desk. 

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Exactly three weeks into becoming a full-time children’s pastor, I was about to enter into the craziest two weeks of my entire life and for all the CP’s out there reading this…you know exactly what I am talking about…Kids Summer camps. 

Well here I was fresh out of the gates, off to the races I went. With very, limited time to prepare and even begin to think of how I wanted the summer camps to look and function, my heart was flooded with many ideas and passions for this type of kids camp ministry.

It was Monday morning of my first camp as the children’s pastor, there was so many complications, so many stresses, and so many things that went absolutely WRONG.

For this perfectionist that only had three weeks to prepare, it was heart-wrenching. It was then that the spirit of failure crawled over me and attempted to strangle me to the core.

It was in those moments that I felt like these two camp weeks in front of me, would just end up being a BIG huge flunk…I fled to my office that early Monday morning where I yearned to even just find a single ounce of peace in amongst the chaos of my frightened heart.

I was overwhelmed. I was anxious and I was terrified for the things that were ahead of me, both in ministry and personally.

With my head down and tears filling the corners of my eyes I quickly went to my office, and crawled under my desk and there I waited. No word of a lie. I was literally “under the desk.”

Oh, the tears they came while I was under. Slowly they came and then quickly they came. I sat under the desk and there I found peace. I could hear mounds of chaos going on around me yet, I waited. Even though questions came to me, from volunteers and staffers, I waited. I listened to His small still voice and then there I found my peace.

It was then that I knew that I knew, God would never leave me. He would be with me through the moments of fear and anxiousness.

As I crawled out from under the desk that Monday, I felt strengthened, energized and filled to the brim with confidence and my heart felt prepared. Ready for what was and is to come in kids ministry.

Now with confidence I can say…that I love everything about our summer camps even when the many stresses arise.

I love our little camper kiddos. I love being in that environment where its a “big happy family.” I love the sweaty little campers after they have been running around outside after sports. I love their proud faces after they have created something new to add to their ever growing craft collection or the amazement in their eyes as they have discovered something new about God’s creation.  I love summer camps.

It is now a running joke within my staff & volunteers at the church that when something goes wrong, they jokingly tell me to go “hide under my desk” and to be honest its not even necessarily being under the desk that miraculously gives me that douce of peace that I need.

There…under the desk… is where I found my peace.

I have many places now where I can just sit and wait on the Lord with no distractions….under the desk just happened to be one of the first ones.

I encourage you. Whoever you maybe, take time to wait on the Lord and listen to His still small voice.

In the moments when failure creeps in and tries to steal the joy that God has placed in you…take time and wait.

Well my friends, I guess I better crawl out from under my desk now and face the situations ahead of me by the grace and power of my Heavenly Father.

Until Next Time,


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Sunday Mornings. 

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Growing up Sunday mornings were always jam packed for us as The Sweeney Family…with my Father head of the sound team at our church, my mother singing on the worship team and the head of her kids department, it kept us very busy as a family.

Even as kids we were right beside our parents helping and serving in so many areas of the church. “The Sweeney’s” were always on a ministry schedule some way, some shape or form…there was only about 1-3 Sundays a year, all 5 of us met our schedules up and were in church together and were not serving in ministry some where in the church or community.

I vividly remember seeing other families sitting all together in their ‘rows’ (creatures of habit, that we all are…haha!) at church at the Sunday morning gatherings, worshipping together and listening to the sermon ALL together. I don’t have that many memories as a child for our family all together in the same row. With my parents always serving, as well as us kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t of had my child-hood any different, through the busyness and chaos of those Sunday mornings, it bestowed in me, to serve and then be fed. Engraved in me, to pour your heart out and then to receive. Released in me, to work very hard and then you will be blessed.

My Sunday mornings now are a bit different from when I was a child. Now running the entire kids ministry department at my home church. Sunday mornings still consist of serving, but the stresses are different and not always as “fun” as you’d hope.

Even since before dating my boyfriend, I have always admired couples that serve in the church together at a young age. (Still absolutely, SO love that!) Since the beginning of our relationship… almost a year and a half ago, we have never had the chance to serve on a Sunday morning together. With both of us serving in several areas at each our of own churches.

Wishing I was serving beside “my man” at his church. Ministry split-up in a relationship isn’t easy. Its actually really hard. Especially when we both run several areas of ministry at our churches and want to help each other out. It serves its many challenges and sometimes many tears like today.

This morning, as I am sitting here in my office just finished preparation for more kids min programs. The vicious cycle of thoughts continue to surround me, “Oh I wish, we could serve together like other couples do…or even go to the same church especially on Sunday Mornings.”

Even though, I know for a fact that my future Sunday mornings will never be spent together in the same row as a family. Knowing us, Joshua and I will both be busy in ministry. Through all of this I have learnt, that I don’t need everyone in the same row to feel “complete”. I know that I don’t need a time where I can sit with ALL of my family together…I need Jesus period. No extras.

I can look to Him in those moments where I am sitting in the lonely row or when I need His presence and peace in the busyness of ministry on a Sunday morning.

Sisters, All I need is, Him.

Praying that your coming Sunday morning is bright and blessed. If you remember only one thing from this post remember this…All you need is Him to feel complete.

Until Next Time,



{A Time For Peace} Recovery for the Weary Soul

Written By: Jenny Jerkins

There are times that it seems like the demands of being a mommy, wife, and just overall being a woman close in on us.  We say yes to too much, we are shuttling kids everywhere, juggling careers and home life.  Sometimes it’s just overwhelming and we literally scream for Calgon to take us away, preferably to a tropical landscape with a pool attendant bringing nonstop umbrella drinks.  Or maybe that’s just me.  But I would venture to guess that we all have moments, whether we are moms, wives, or just women in general that we need an escape from the daily hustle.  We want to just “be” without a label.  Literally some days I just want to make it out the door without some kind of stain or snot wiped on me, but then it’s such a beautiful reminder of my role as a mommy and something I waited years to have.

Not long ago I had the opportunity to spend an ENTIRE WEEKEND with twelve other girl friends at the beach.  Hello! That’s a lot of hormones and personalities, and words, in one place.  But it was awesome.  It was such a relaxing time with no agenda, no tantrums, no schedule.  We simply just got to fellowship and uplift one another, sleep in, laugh until our sides hurt, and eat all the Oreos wanted without hiding in the pantry to do so.  I honestly think we consumed at least 8 to 10 packs of Oreos but I’m convinced all the laughing burned off those calories.

When I returned home that Sunday evening I realized how great for the soul that weekend was. And I also realized that I had grown much more weary than maybe I was willing to admit prior to leaving the previous riday.  Sisters, it’s ok to admit we are tired and weary.  We can’t do and be it all, and we have to take care of ourselves in order to be a better wife, mom, friend, employee, and all around woman.  That’s not being selfish.  It’s being real.

I have just five simple ways that help me recover when my soul is weary and when I feel like I physically or mentally cannot take another step forward – when I’m stuck.  These didn’t come from a self-help book and I am my no means an expert on this, or well anything for that matter.  They are just five simple things that work for me and I think are very practical and doable.

  1. BE IN THE WORD (aka, The Bible)

I know this sounds almost cliché to talk about, but it’s the number one thing that gets me out of a funk and the number one thing that also causes me to be in one if I’m not reading the Bible regularly.  I’m not talking about hours of reading or trying to obtain a seminary degree.  I struggle with setting that time aside as well.  It doesn’t have to be first thing in the morning, although I find it sets the pace of my day when I start my day with the Word.  If nothing else, find a great short devotional to uplift you and to set your focus on God for the day.  Two that I recommend are apps that you can download directly to your phone and they are amazing – She Reads Truth and First 5 (Proverbs 31 Ministries).  Get them.  They are specifically for women, and are short yet full of wonderful truths.

  1. FELLOWSHIP (Girl Time)

Spend time with other women.  Men don’t use the amount of words that we do in a day and they don’t require that bonding time that we do.  And quite frankly they don’t always laugh at the same things that we do.  Sometimes we just need to be together as women and talk about things that only other women will understand.  Grab some coffee, go for a walk, or just sit and chat.  Take time to pencil it in your schedule and hold it as sacred time for yourself. It’s such good, cheap therapy!


We don’t all have a musical or even a remarkable hidden talent.  Do something that relieves stress and do something for yourself.  You don’t have to be amazing at it or have a talent that you are going to market and sale.  It’s just for you and something you enjoy.  And it is something that will take your mind off of “life” for a few minutes either every day (if you can swing it) or at least every week.

  1. ME TIME

I am a social introvert which means I love people and I love being around people, but I also require downtime to be alone.  I need to just sit a few minutes every day and sometimes literally stare at a wall for a few minutes, take some deep breaths, and relax.  Sometimes I read, sometimes I write, sometimes I watch my “trash” TV as I like to call it.  Maybe your “me time” can be combined with your talent and interest.  The thing is that you have to take some time for yourself whether it’s five minutes or an hour.


We are very fortunate to have my parents close by who LOVE to have our son stay with them all the time.  They are retired and at the stage in their life where he is the center of their attention, but they also realize how important it is for us to have that time just the two of us to nurture our relationship.  Our kids need for us to have a healthy and happy marriage.  Now not everyone is as fortunate as we are and I realize that.  There have been times we haven’t had those opportunities as well.  You may not be able to afford a regular babysitter.  And as hard as it is and as tired as you already are, you can attempt to put the kids to bed a little early every now and then and watch a movie together or have a date night in.  Have some time together, again even if you have to pencil it in a planner.

Find yourself, find the Word, and find your tribe of people.  Rest in knowing you aren’t alone when the walls of motherhood and life are closing in on you.  We all get weary and we all need breaks. After all, we are all human.

Jen Jerkins headshotJenny Jerkins is a former engineer turned stay at home wife to Asia, and mom to the most spirited and hilarious little boy, Ethan who currently believes he is Batman.  Their battle with infertility led them to the greatest miracle of adoption.  Jenny desires to bring hope, encouragement, and the love of Jesus to others, and especially women.  She also loves to share the many candid moments of daily mom life where she is usually asking for Jesus to hold her.  Jenny resides in Augusta, Georgia where her southern accent is strong and her coffee is stronger.

You can connect with Jenny on Instagram (link:, Facebook (link:, and Twitter (



{A Time to Love} Marriage Isn’t Perfect. And Neither Are We. 

Written by: Nichole Stern

I didn’t even like him.

More specifically, I didn’t like his friends and he was guilty by association. But then I got to know him and realized he wasn’t who I thought he was.

He showed up with a five gallon bucket of sunflower seeds, some Ghiradelli dark chocolate and his guitar on my birthday.

Flowers, Chocolates, and serenades.

What girl wouldn’t fall for that?

We weren’t Christians then, but we spent a lot lot of time in deep, philosophical discussions that lasted until the sun came up.  We’d both spent some time on the hamster wheel of success and found it lacking.

Searching for something bigger than ourselves, we didn’t realize there were God-shaped holes in our souls we were longing for Him to fill.

Within 3 months of our first date, Todd moved to South Florida for a job. I remember him telling me he couldn’t imagine being happy there without me, and I followed him a few months later. Though we’d vowed not to live together, we allowed circumstances to cloud our judgement and I moved into his one bedroom apartment on the water.

We started arguing almost immediately. With his new job, Todd was traveling about 95% of the time and I found myself far removed from everything I’d once held dear. I’d left a promising career, a city I loved, and a network of people I’d been doing life with for years…all to be a live-in dog sitter.

I love that dog, y’all, but have mercy!

Our relationship deteriorated as we continued to live together. We couldn’t agree on anything, and frankly, we were miserable.

Thankfully, miserable is often where God does His best work. And He had already started to work in our hearts.

We removed the physical aspect of our relationship and tried studying the Bible together. But while legalism may have made us look better on the outside, our hearts were still far from Him.

Each day on the way to work, I passed a little church, and like moths to a flame, we were drawn to eventually attendSunday services. The Pastor passionately spoke truth in love and he along with others there loved us in spite of ourselves. Just like Jesus.

God used the love we were shown and truth we learned there to change our hearts.

One Sunday morning in 2006, after hearing a message from Luke 18 where Jesus compares the prayers of the Pharisee and the tax collector, God showed me my Pharisee heart.

I saw all the ways I’d tried and failed to fill the void in my soul, and with the illumination of His great love, I finally sawHe was Who I’d been searching for all those years.

Overwhelmed by His goodness and grace, I surrendered my life to Him, vowing to follow Him the rest of my days.

I was counseled and prayed over by the women in our church, and rejoicing over my salvation, I couldn’t wait to find Todd to share it with him.

I walked down the hallway back to the sanctuary and saw Todd on his knees in prayer with one of the elders from the church. He too had felt God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness drawing him close that day, and as our perfect God would have it, we crossed from death to life on the same day.

Best. Day. Ever. 🙂

Never unequally yoked, washed clean and made new simultaneously.

What an amazing God we serve.

Salvation was radical for both of us. We went from being enemies of God to sold out for Christ almost immediately.

I moved out of our one bedroom apartment and while the world saw this as the ultimate end of our relationship, we knew it was a new beginning. We were starting our dating relationship over, the right way this time.

As a man made new, Todd pursued me with a newfound love and as we pursued Christ together, we fell in love all over again.

But as life would have it, the next couple of years brought us every trial we could imagine.

High pressure jobs, ridiculous travel schedules, purchasing a home, unemployment, cross country moves, cancer.

Each gave us new opportunities to find our peace in Christ. And as we sought Him, we found Him.

Every. Single. Time.

We married in May 2008 with a small ceremony on a little island off the coast of Savannah, GA.

Second. Best. Day. Ever. 🙂

I wish I could say our marriage has been perfect. That we’ve had no problems, challenges, or meltdowns. But that would be a lie.

Marriage is hard, y’all.

And as much I adore my man, I’ve had to learn (the hard way) that he makes a very poor god. Idolizing my husband and my marriage was a struggle for me. And once I thought I’d gotten through it, in reality, I’d only traded those idols with the idol of motherhood.

I desperately wanted children. More than anything.

And friends, ANYTHING we want more than Jesus is an idol. I’ve had to lay my dream of motherhood on the altar more times than I can count. And while I can’t tell you why we’ve not been able to have children, I can tell you God has used our struggle with infertility to weed out the idols in my heart and to help me learn to trust Him, to know that He is enough, even when I don’t understand His plans.

He’s also used it to strengthen our marriage.

Todd has faithfully held me as I’ve sobbed (read: ugly cried), he’s walked beside me through this hard journey of learning God is NOT a genie in a bottle whose wish is my command.

He’s seen me at my worst and continues to challenge and encourage me to seek God’s best.

Our marriage isn’t perfect. And neither are we.

We’re just two people who love Jesus and are committed to following hard after Him.

No matter what.

I stand in awe of the redemption story God has given us, and I hope our story encourages you. To have hope that those who are lost can be found.

And to believe that even when it’s messy and hard, this Jesus life is exceedingly, abundantly blessed.

Nichole is a grateful Jesus girl saved by grace who has been called to live out Psalm 107:2 “…let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story.”
She serves on the Study Leader Team with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies. She is a writer and speaker who finds great joy in mentoring young women and helping others learn more about God through studying His word.
Nichole and her husband, Todd live on a little slice of awesomeness outside Raleigh, NC they call Manna Homestead. They share this space with rabbits, goats, chickens, bees, and their two dogs, Maverick and Charleigh.
Facebook: Nichole Stern
Twitter: @nicholestern