{A Time to Love} A Simple Equation to Keep You From Quitting

Written By: Bethany McIlrath

I didn’t want to like him. He was too silly, too sincere, too serious about his faith in Christ.
That’s almost exactly what I said to him the day I begrudgingly confessed to him that I liked him. He told me he liked me too- but offered to try to quit liking me if I’d prefer that. He was kidding, thankfully.
From the awkward high-five goodbye we exchanged after that absurd conversation to this day many years later, he’s never quit on me. He’s never stopped caring.
When I’ve been a whiner.
When I’ve been mean.
When our challenges were huge.
When it looked like there was no way.
When life pulled us in different directions.
When things were dull.
When I couldn’t decide what I wanted for dinner.
When fighting was easier than honest conversation.
When I asked him to proofread yet another post.
He cares, He stays, He’s never quit on me.
That’s love.
1 Corinthians 13:8 tells us “Love never fails.” But first, there’s a long list detailing “all things” that tempt us to quit and give up. But love doesn’t quit when “all things” suggest the one thing isn’t worthwhile.
My prayer for any dear girls reading this is that you ask and wait on God for a guy who loves you in such a way that he doesn’t consider quitting an option. I know men- besides my precious guy- who love their wives this way. All things can’t keep them from the one they love.
Look for that, friends. Pray for it. Believe God for it. Choose to live it.
There’s always a time to love. There’s always someone to love. In whatever relationships you’re in, in any romance the Lord blesses you with, be a person who refuses to quit loving the one God has placed right beside you when all things suggest they are more important.
~ Bethany
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A learner at heart, Bethany McIlrath believes that listening to the Lord’s Word and being attentive to all that He teaches her through daily life is a priceless blessing. Eager to share about her Savior, you can find Bethany’s writing on her blog: Firstandsecondblog.wordpress.com. She would love to connect with you on Twitter or Facebook as well.

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