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Hello Wonderful Readers,

Welcome to Uniquely Yours Ministries! We are so thrilled this exciting launch day is finally here! 10 months ago, Kerrington Sweeney, Our Founder and Leadership of UYM set out on a journey with a dream, that this would all be a possibility and here we are today. God is so good!!

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  We have many incredible things planned for this ministry and look forward to having the opportunity of, pouring into each of your lives on a daily basis.

We each are called to live “Unique” set-apart lives from today’s bombarding society. Here at Uniquely Yours Ministries, we are dedicated to bringing Women the daily support, prayer connection, and encouragement they need, to continue Life’s journey. Providing a beacon of Hope for those who are struggling. Providing a place where friendships are born, community is built and inner healing takes place. A place where we each are reminded daily, to claim our positions on the throne, as Royal Daughter’s of an Ultimate Almighty King. 


Creating Beauty, Stirring Faith, Living a set-apart Life, Learning to Love, and Restoring Worth in the women of our churches and communities. 

  Until Next Time,

~The UYM Team


4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Excited for you Kerrington and for where God is taking UYM to. Many women of all ages will be forever changed by father’s transforming love through this blog. Thank you for your leap of faith and willingness to step out of the boat. God richly bless you and the team. Hugs. Brenda


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