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{Beauty} Restoring modesty in all generations! 

Written by: Kerrington Sweeney 
Women are more than just “bodies”, but of course you wouldn’t know that if you were to just look at the media of today. Although, our media and culture is screaming so many different lies about us women, the Bible often teaches us quite clearly on Modesty and sexuality. 
Ephesians 5:3 says
“But among you there most not be even a hint of sexual immortality.” 
That ‘hint‘ includes both our actions and our appearance. God truly calls each of us Women, to a life of purity and a life of Modesty. Speaking of our Actions…
Ladies, we seriously need to get real about the effect our bodies and actions have on the young men around us. 
Given the current state of our World, 
The question that is frequently asked is… 
“Does modesty even matter anymore??” 
Our culture of course, tells us No. And we’ve been so distracted by the worlds views that sometimes we don’t even stop to think about what our appearance says about us or how it measures up to God’s standards. Many of us, are still so blinded to the fact that the way we dress, will also impact the kind of man, that we will attract. Ultimately, the kind of man we want to attract, is committed to his sexual purity as well. But Ladies, always remember…You still may sometimes receive some unwanted attention from men around us. 
The attacks from the enemy,on them are so vivid and real, it’s often hard for them to keep pure thoughts with all of the garbage our world is constantly promoting. I’ve heard girls time, after time argue that it is our personal right to wear what we want to wear and it is all the boys fault, for thinking such ‘bad’ things. 
This Ladies, is 100% NOT Christ-like, at all. When we dress ‘sexy’ and revealing this isn’t helping our brothers. These are young men fighting against the temptations and attacks of the world, just as we are…just in a different form. 
Furthermore, we need to show Christ-like love and respect to our Christian brothers at ALL times…Not just at youth group and church! We need to lay down our lives (And our so-called rights) to love others and continue to encourage each other to follow God with a passionate fiery heart.
In closing Ladies, always remember…
“Modesty is not just something you wear, it is part of your character.” 
Until Next Time, 

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