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{Faith} Answering the Call. 

Written by: Kerrington Sweeney

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I am a Passionate servant of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. I am a redeemed Daughter of the precious Almighty King. To be honest, I am definitely a work-in-progress but, I feel so blessed to be able to continue serving God with absolutely my whole heart. I feel God’s ‘call’ to become a Women’s Pastor and Women’s Counsellor one day, and by God’s amazing grace I hope to fulfill both of those callings! From day one, I have grown up in the church; I’ve been raised by Godly parents, who also had Christian up-bringing’s. I have been homeschooled my whole school career. You might say that I’m considered to be, one of those “Church girls.” Every time you say that you are a Church-going, Homeschooled girl….They instantly think you are some sort of a social out-cast…Who has no place in this world; Someone who has no dreams, no passions, no desires.

As the years of my childhood went by, I started finding out, that I had a true love for writing…but I never truly pursued it. Until, I was 9 years old…I felt the “Writer’s Call” on my life. Not in a church service, a prayer room, or a special spiritual spot. I felt it…in my living room. This, is where God began to plant in my heart a true love and passion to see women of all ages rise up. He planted words deep into my heart. Words, that would touch many broken lives. This Call, among others was simply placed before me…not forced onto me. This call, was a free gifting for taking or saving for later. 

I was simply called. Not with a booming voice or a flash of lightning. A gentle and very tender whisper, from my precious Heavenly Father in the comfort of my own home. The Uniqueness of how it all happened still amazes me. What a BIG God we serve!! I live in daily awe. During this time, is when I decided to write and self-publish my very 1st book! I even had a mini book release party with my parents and Grandparents. It was a day, forever etched in my memory bank. 

Time has gone by, it is now September 2013 in our little story. I am 15 years old and I have just been asked to Guest-post on my dear friends women’s ministry blog. This is when everything truly started to unfold. That November of 2013, I started praying and petitioning God, about starting my own ministry blog for women and with much consideration and God confirmations, I launched my own blog that month. 

This was a huge step for me, in faith trusting God’s “call” to start this small online women’s ministry….As I began, followers started trickling in. Of course, that is NOT how we judge our successes off of but, it is so encouraging to know that people are reading your work and are enjoying it.

Ever since that step in faith and act of obedience to God, He has opened many doors of opportunity for my Blogging Ministry… Such as being featured and interviewed on a Christian Radio Station based out of Sudbury, Guest-posting on a blog in England,  and also being promoted world-wide by many other Christian women bloggers, and having many dear friends become Guest-Author’s on my Blog!

A year and a half, has now gone by in our little story and God has spoken to me very vividly in a dream, that now was then, the time to begin preparations of a brand new website but, this time…to have an official writing team, ministry photographers, videographers, networking partners, advertising teams and more, the whole show! At first, I was a bit afraid because, I was to be the leadership of it all? Why me God? Am I truly capable of coordinating all of that?? These were just a few of the dozens of worries racing, in my mind. 
It is now October 2014 in our little story, preparations have already begun for the exciting reveal of this brand new ministry. I am getting more and more excited to have the opportunity to work with other Christian women writers but, who would they be? I thought. This was a fear in the back of my mind. As time went on, God truly planted in my heart a permanent peace about those decisions that had to me made. After a long while of praying deeply into the writers, He made it so crystal clear to me, in His perfect timing, who they would be.


It is now July 7th, 2015, We are HERE!!! It’s been a joyful, stressful, yet so rewarding experience that I have been SO blessed to be apart of. As I sit here writing this, I am reminded of the incredibly-encouraging people who have been such a support to me ever since I started this journey towards this new ministry. I appreciate everyone of the words of encouragement, that have been spoken. I so look forward to continue writing and by God’s grace, touching more lives than ever before! I know that this Women’s Ministry is NOT at all about me or The UYM team but, rather that when they read our posts, they are instantly pointed up to Jesus! Because that friends, is the true purpose and meaning behind our ministry. To be able to see women of all ages, backgrounds and faiths, rise up and be everything God has truly called each of them to be. 

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5 thoughts on “{Faith} Answering the Call. ”

  1. Beautifully penned from your heart Kerrington. The Father’s heart is heard in every word and brings encouragement to the women whose dreams radiate from Father’s throne room. Be blessed. Hugs. Bren


  2. I am so proud of you Kerrington!!! This is so exciting! It has been so very amazing watching your blog grow from the very beginning and it has inspired and motivated me so so much!!!
    -Monika 🙂

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