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{Life}  Curveball. 

Written by: Amy Gauvin

Hello ladies! My mission to all of you, is to be real and vulnerable with you. I want to speak straight from my heart, as to what God has done in my life. So here we go!
Life throws us curveballs from time to time…some are caught and some we want to just dodge. My sister was thrown a curveball in August of last year, that she just couldn’t dodge. At age 39, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 bladder cancer. It was a very aggressive cancer. In a matter of months, the tumour had quadrupled in size and spread to other organs. She had an extensive surgery in London, in which they removed her bladder, uterus, and ovaries.

They took a part of her intestine, to make a diversion attached it to her ureters and out her stomach so she could empty her kidneys. She has a urostomy bag now. After healing from surgery, she went through 4-months of very intense chemo. I will admit…it was the scariest thing I have ever been through with her…to see my sister in so much pain and all I could do was pray and to trust in God that prayers were being answered! The strength that my sister had to pull through everyday was admirable. She made it to the end of her chemo in April. The minute they pulled the leads out after her last treatment, she danced her heart out to her favourite song and HIT that gong! It was finished! She had won..cancer had lost!!!!
She went in this past May, to get a CT scan and it came back clean! Praise the Lord! About three weeks ago, she had a pain in her abdomen…she went to emerge and they found a twist in her bowel. Through much prayer, it came loose and she could come home. Four days after she came home…the pain was back and more intense this time. She went back to emerge and they suspected a twist in her bowels again. Eight days, of horrible pain and with out any food going in or out. They decided to go in and see what was happening. It was then, that our family got another curveball…

There are tumors on her bowels. My faith was shaken…to see the hope vanish in my sister in an instant was devastating. All of us went through the process of emotions. We are all back on track knowing it happened once before…it can happen again…It WILL be beaten! The enemy will not win! Through Faith and Prayer! Saying all of this…

I want to share with you where my faith was with myself during that time. You see…watching my sister go through all of what she went through…and how horrible cancer really is. I was there, puffing away on cigarettes…I was willingly catching this curveball! I used “stress” as an excuse to puff away. I realized something a week ago… I sit here and I believe and have faith knowing that God is going to heal my sister of cancer….but I have no faith in believing He could deliver me from smoking? Where is my faith for myself? My sister did nothing to cause this cancer and I am smoking something that causes it…how ridiculous is that!

To think, “nah….it won’t happen to me?” How selfish!  My sister didn’t deserve ANY of this. I watched her go through this KNOWING, she wanted me to quit smoking…because she didn’t want me to get cancer, and I was doing it to myself!

I had been humbled…how am I any more resiliant than my sister who didn’t smoke? It could happen to me and I was helping the enemy take me out…I was destoying Gods temple!
My faith had been restored, in knowing God wanted to take my addiction from me. I give every urge to have a cigarette to Him…because HE is faithful and He is TRUE! Its a feeling to have a cigarette…and false sense of need, this is an open door for the enemy to attack you. Feelings are subject to change, give it to God and the enemy has NO ground to stand on! You are Gods child and Satan can’t have you!

Amy Gauvin pic with sis wedding
I am now smoke free!!! I can now stand in total agreement with my sister knowing that God is going to heal her! He did it once already….And yes,
He will do it again! I am so proud of her and encouraged by her everyday and I know she is the same for me 🙂 Ladies….together we stand in Faith knowing that everything happens for a reason and that our Heavenly Fathers Glory will always prevail! Amen sistas! Blessings, Peace, Love and Joy to you all ❤ xo
Until Next Time,



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  1. A beautiful testimony of God’s healing and a sister’s renewed faith. Letting go and letting God take the wheel. Standing with you Amy and believing for the manifestation of God’s healing power for your sister.

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