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 About Kerrington Sweeney:

President & Founder of Uniquely Yours Ministries


Kerrington Sweeney is honored that God has entrusted her with this adventure, of Ministry Leadership at such young age. She presently serves on various leadership teams at different churches and actively volunteers in her home town. She carries a strong mantle of community, a heart to love the unlovable, and walks with divine purpose to empower and compel women of the faith.

Kerrington, adores journaling, public speaking, shopping, leading, and star-bucks with a friend! She feel’s God’s ‘call’ to one day embark on the journey, of a lifestyle fully committed to ministry and the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Connect with Kerrington Sweeney.

 “She looks forward to the days ahead and laughs at the future.” ~Proverbs 31:25 

About Joceline Sweeney:

Weekly Writing Team 

Joceline Sweeney Bio Picture 2016

Joceline Sweeney is Wife and Best-Friend to the absolute Love of her Life, Mark for 20 years. Together they are raising, 3 Beautiful Daughters. Kerrington, Ireland and Jillianne. Joceline, is a busy Homeschooling Mama, Planner, Scheduler, and Thriving Organizer. She’s a Scarf-wearin’, Jesus-servin’, Lover of Lists.
In her “free time” She can be found Sunday-School coordinating, Committee sitting, event planning, Homeschool co-op teaching…just to name a few! Although, she adores routine she has for the last 14 dedicated years, learned incredible flexibility as her Firefighting Captain husband is called out to yet another fire call, her motto in these many moments is…

“Kiss…Pray…Regroup and Smile on!!!”

 About Amie Comber:

Weekly Writing Team


  Amie Comber would tell you that her job here on this earth is twofold; to love God and to love others. Her name in French translates directly to “friend,” and she is the happiest when surrounded by people she can laugh, love, and do life with. She is always up for an adventure, whether she is climbing a mountain, kayaking all day, or stepping on a plane with her ukulele to a destination her blue eyes haven’t seen yet. Amie would say that the greatest adventure is living life in the center of God’s will; it’s scary, vulnerable, but the most exhilarating and fulfilling path you could choose. She is 19 years old, adores lemon candles, and would love the opportunity to meet one day over her favorite coffee. Until then!

About Cheyenne Ranta: 

Monthly Writing Team 


 Cheyenne Ranta is an 18 year old girl who is living in rural upstate New York. She is finishing her last year of high school as a home school student which has enabled her to have a part time job as a Nanny and to be able to pursue her love for writing and photography. Cheyenne is a follower of Jesus who has blessed her immensely which in turn has helped her become the person she is today. She is excited to see what the Lord has ahead for her life.

About Pastor Cathy Prout: 

Prayer Team Member

Cathy Prout BW

Pastor Cathy Prout has been the Senior Pastor of Centralia Faith Tabernacle since 2000.  Her passion is to see individuals fully restored and built up in order to be wholly dedicated to Jesus Christ. She believes that by returning to the fundamentals of our identity in Christ there is a new level of freedom to live out God’s purpose for our lives. She has been married to her husband Doug, for 34 years and they have 4 grown sons, 2 daughter-in-laws and 1 granddaughter. She loves to read and shop!


About Heather Paton:
Prayer Team Member 

Heather Paton BW

Heather Paton is a passionate woman who loves The Lord and desires nothing more than to see His name made famous and for the captives to be set free. She is married to a one of kind running mate and together they have been blessed with five awesome & diverse children. Her favorite time of day is dinner time, her family is a loud and funny crew and they make many great memories from being in each other’s company around the table in that short time. Heather and Her Husband Jamie, pastored for 13 years and planted an inner city church, The Sanctuary in London Ontario 5 years ago. Heather has a heart for youth, Rwanda, the Arctic. Her heart passionately beats for the lost and outcasts of society. She loves to teach, preach and disciple women who desire to see God radically change their lives. Heather is intense yet gentle….. And desires women everywhere to be ALL God has created them to BE!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

About: Joshua Chaulk 

Director of Ministry Videography & Video Editorial

JOsh Chaulk BW

Joshua Chaulk is a man of honor who has a passion to see Youth and Young Adults realize their true identity in Christ. Joshua is 23 years old and has been happily married to his wife Angela since October 2014. He works as the Head of Multimedia Production  and Development for Antioch Christian Ministries Incorporated. A Local Church in Essex, Ontario and also volunteers on the worship team, media team, and is also a Worship Leader for an out-reach center in downtown Windsor, Ontario.

Joshua has a real passion for the creative digital arts and for computers and technology. He loves to take all the opportunities he’s able to help out people with their technology problems and loves to teach people how to use technology better and safer in their everyday lives. Here at UYM Joshua does all our video productions.

About Olivia Wilson:

 Director of Social Media //Twitter & Instagram

Olivia Wilson BW

Olivia Wilson is a devoted 18 year old servant of Jesus Christ. She has loved The Lord, ever since she was a young gal and everyday aspires to be more like Him. Olivia was homeschooled all her life and looks forward to future school endeavors. She enjoys singing, leading worship, shopping, Starbucks, trying new foods and visiting with friends! Olivia is honored to be taking on the role at UYM of “Director of Social Media.”  Keeping our social media page is a small way that she can help you, our many sweet friends, grow in deeper relationships with your Heavenly Father.

About Heather Brooks:

 Director of Ministry Photography

Heather Brooks BW

Heather Brooks is loving life, as being a wife, mother, and grandmother! She has a beautiful granddaughter with ‘different’ needs….and she is teaching us all new lessons every day. Strength, determination, laughter, and perseverance and the power of prayer! Heather has always enjoyed being behind the camera and for the past decade She has had the pleasure of photographing many wonderful people… and places. She claims that: This is the stuff life is made of…life if you LIVE it! She strives to capture a piece of this Life, through photography. The moments that make you stop and… think…sigh…chuckle…remember. She strongly believes that it’s so very important to pause and record LIFE through photography….the Life God gives us! Images tell a story that words cannot express. Here at UYM, She is blessed with the role of, official ministry photographer alongside her best friend, Tracy.

About Tracy Chatterton:

 Director of Ministry Photography

Tracy Chatterton BW

Tracy is a devoted woman of faith. She claims that God has always been there, through the good, the bad, the suffering, the pain, and the happy times. She did not always follow Christ in fact, she shares that she was so far away from Him it is only through Him that she is here to tell you this. 12 years ago Tracy was at the bottom of her life nowhere to go. Life was very tough and She had many decisions to make. One of them was that she decided to change her life. In that moment she had chosen to walk into a church on a Sunday morning all by herself. (looking back now, she was never alone). A month later she gave her heart to Christ and it has been a whirl wind ever since. Her life has changed so drastically in all good ways, her habits, her time, her thoughts, her actions, started getting easier things made sense, of course this was God’s plan all along. Her journey was just beginning, first She got remarried to a God-fearing man, then met a bunch of wonderful people through small group ministry, than He placed a beautiful Christian woman in her life whom both share the love and passion our their hearts, which is photography. Tracy is a mother of two adult boys, married to a loving Christian man, and surrounded by Christian friends. Here as UYM, She is blessed to take photos with her best friend, Heather.


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