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{Beauty} Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Written By: Stacy Hudson

Someone says “you look great today!” and the person replies “oh my goodness no I’ve got bags under my eyes and this shirt is so old!”  Sound familiar?  Why do women do this?  Whether I am hanging out with family, friends, or even at Bible study… I always hear at least one…usually many more… comments like this!

In a world that fills our heads with ideas of what we are supposed to be… we need to stand firm on what the Bible tells us we are!

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;    your works are wonderful,    I know that full well. -Psalm 139:14

YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made!  Does that make you stand up a little straighter?  I hope so!  This is just one of the many Bible verses that should help us curb our self hate talk.

Therefore do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised. -Hebrews 10:35-36

DO NOT throw away your confidence!  This means you should have some!  And you will need confidence and endurance to accomplish the will of God in your life!  Not only that but then you can receive what is promised!

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. -Hebrews 4:16

YOU NEED confidence to draw near to the throne of grace!  We all need mercy and grace right?!


I think women (myself included) often times confuse confidence with arrogance.  So if someone tells us that we look nice…instead of saying “thank you” we immediately try to “not be arrogant” by insulting ourselves.  We all do it!  WHY?!  I think this is one of the biggest tools the devil uses against women.  He sets us up against ourselves and he is free to go attack someone else.  After all, if we will insult ourselves for fear of sounding arrogant he doesn’t need to.  And yet while we are “not being arrogant” we are actually not being confident!  We are also not living up to our full potential in God.  The devil knows if he can keep us drowning in self doubt… he has us kept.

  • The next time your husband gives you a compliment just say “thank you” and maybe give him a kiss on the cheek just to be sweet!
  • The next time your mom tells you she likes your new haircut just say “thank you” and maybe compliment her as well!
  • The next time a friend mentions that your hair is long and beautiful just say “thank you” and maybe remind her that she too has beautiful features.


The devil wouldn’t stand a chance.

If we were all confident enough to use the gifts and talents God has given us then so many more lives would be impacted.  So many more lives would be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life!  What do we gain by putting ourselves down?  I would venture to say only a stiff neck from hanging our heads in self doubt.  If we would have confidence in ourselves and confidence in the Lord… we could move mountains!

We are God’s handiwork…His creation…His design… remember this the next time you want to correct someone and tell them that you are too short or that you wish you had different colour eyes.  GOD MADE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE TO FULFILL HIS PURPOSES.  Do not grieve His heart by putting yourself down.  Walk confidently in the Lord and hold your head up.

About Stacy:
Stacy Hudson is a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend.  She has been married to her husband Dwight for 5 years!  Stacy is a stay at home mom and spends a lot of her day chasing their curious and quick 1 year old around!  She loves to hang out with family and friends, get crafty or techy, and watch their little girl grow.  She also loves to get deep into the Word, into worship, and into the works of the Holy Spirit.  She is a work in progress but she knows God isn’t finished with her yet.  She loves to watch God at work in her life and the lives of those around her!  Connect with her today and read more from Stacy at

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{Beauty}  5 Things I’m Learning from My Teenage Daughter!

Written By: Angela Howard

If you Google “teenage daughter” some of the first results include:

Drama Overload

Why Mothers and Teenage Daughters Fight




This feels less than encouraging for those who are entering this parenting stage or for those of us smack dab in the middle of it.  Is it really as bad as all of that?  I’d like to offer another perspective.

Last week my 14 year-old daughter, Emily, came home from school to learn that a friend’s family was in crisis.  I was bringing dinner to them, so she offered to make a cake.  The only problem was that she’s never actually made a cake before, technically speaking.  This didn’t stop her for a second.  She tackled the task, and 30 minutes later there were two 8-inch chocolate cakes cooling on baking racks in the kitchen.

“Let’s go upstairs and talk while they cool.”

Before I knew it she had me in her room, snuggling on her bed, while she described in detail all of her dreams for designing a new room.

“We should take a nap!” she declared.

So we did.  Twenty minutes later the kitchen timer woke us up and she frosted the cakes, complete with pastel-coloured sprinkles.

On our way to deliver to goodies I asked her if she had any homework.

“Mom, you need to be mindful and present in the moment.  I can’t do my homework right now in the car.  Just be with me.”  She reached over and held my hand.  I could have cried.  Is it really possible to live like that?  Not being concerned about the next thing and just enjoying the moment?  Emily is showing me it is.

 5 Things I’m Learning from My Teenage Daughter

Be present: When I choose to be in the moment with my daughter I’m able to connect with her in a meaningful way and show compassion instead of selfishness.

Value people over tasks: Multi-tasking is for tasks, not for people. – Alicia Britt Chole

Rest: Getting enough sleep and even taking a nap is a sign that you trust God with everything that might not get done.  Can we humbly admit that we’re not in control of everything and just go take a nap?  (Achieve More by Sleeping More)

Learn something new: Last week it was baking a cake and this week it’s drawing.  Emily is never afraid of learning something new.  Are you?  You might discover a new passion.  Set aside your fear of failure and go on an adventure!

Trusting God: Last night I tucked Emily into bed and I looked at a young woman who is fearfully and wonderfully made by her Creator (Psalm 139:14).  God is with her and He has made her in His image.  I can trust God with my daughter because He is her Shepherd (Psalm 23).  He will take care of her needs, He will lead her, guide her, restore her, comfort her, love her—God is with her.  My prayer is that she will always choose to be with Him.

What are you learning from your children?  Please comment below.

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~ Angela

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{Beauty} God’s Garden! 

Written By: Karen Sweeney-Ryall

God mentions various flowers in the Bible.  One of the things that God is speaking to us by example of the flowers is that we are each:


God created the flowers to bring beauty to the earth and pleasure to us.  Each flower is unique and some are very beautiful as a single bloom but many times it is more beautiful to see them put together as a bouquet or arrangement.  That can be a lovely parallel to how we each come together and complement the strengths, weaknesses, gifting and needs of each other.  Together we are more powerful, more complete, although individually we are also beautiful in our own way.

Like the flowers, each of us is unique in various ways.  I am going to use some types of flowers to reflect on the types of woman you and I may be.  Which one are you??

Some flowers are:

Early bloomers= CROCUS =Forerunner- push through conditions that hold others back – Give hope (Spring is coming)

Late bloomers – MUMS- blooms after the heat has worn others out, continuing to minister their beauty and joy to us after others have stopped.

Slow bloomer- often used in rock gardens, SEDUM eventually blooms, taking more time before releasing its potential

Long lasting- HYDRANGEA and YARROW- can actually keep on giving beyond when they seem done, by having the double purpose of being able to be used fresh or also when dried out.

Needs lots of attention in the beginning, then hardy AZALEA- needs a lot of protection before it is able to make it on its own

Delicate- ORCHID – is temperamental and bruises easily, needs ideal conditions to flourishing but is one of the most desired flowers and often used in weddings
Able to grow well in difficult conditions- IMPATIENS and HOSTAS- can bloom even without a lot of sun

Faithful- Perennials like ROSE OF SHARON and BLEEDING HEART – Comes back again and again every year

Very bright and attention getting/ Burst with color to brighten the world – ORIENTAL POPPIES
More subtle, quiet -FORGET-ME-NOTS- Don’t say “Hey look at me” but quietly do what they were created to do

Needs pruning often- ROSES and WISTERIA – have great potential but will grow wild if not controlled

Doesn’t draw attention to itself but enhances others- BABY’s BREATHE, PURPLE STATICE babies breath, roses, free moreguefile Has a beautiful, lasting aroma- ROSES – but needs lots of TLC, susceptible to disease, and has thorns

Do you ever feel insignificant, like God wouldn’t pick you from His garden?  He doesn’t see one gifting or personality or appearance as better than another.  None of us is less important to Him.  We are all supposed to be different.  And we are pleasing to Him if we fulfill the specific call and purpose He created us to be.  We are only to be ourselves, not like someone else.

Whatever type God created you to be, it is not just for us to keep to ourselves but our beauty, our aroma, our gifting are to be used for the benefit of those around us.  Just as in the bouquet, each of us is important to the whole.  Even those who feel small or insignificant have a role to play.  Even a beautiful rose is more breathtaking when enhanced by subtle baby’s breathe and a simple green fern.  The contrast of the bright and soft colours, the larger and smaller blossoms, add to the beautiful complete bouquet.

Until Next Time,


About Karen:

I am Karen, married to Roger, mother of Christina, Laura, Tim and Natalie, “Gigi” to 3 wonderful grandchildren and blessed to be a young great-grandma to Sophia, age 1.  I am thankful to have many precious, wonderful friends.

I am a devoted follower of Jesus and my prayer is that His light shines through me and His love flows through me to others.  He has carried me through the many ups and downs of life and proven to be so faithful.  My desire is to share what I have learned, wisdom gained and deeper knowledge of who God is with others, allowing God to make “Beauty from Ashes” of the difficult times of my life.

I am a hospice bereavement coordinator and hope to help those who have suffered loss mourn, regroup and find joy and meaning in their life again.  I love to read and am writing my first book “Revealing Your Treasure Hidden in Darkness” about finding your identity, calling and purpose for the next season of your life.  I was thrilled to attend the She Speaks conference in July 2015 with Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I am becoming healthier by following the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan.  I love to travel to see family and friends and especially enjoy beach vacations.

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{Beauty} The Beautiful Unwritten Ending


Written by: Melissa Longval

This is a story of a little girl with sandy coloured hair and big hopes for her future.  She loved Hostess Cupcakes and chocolate milk.  Outside was her favourite place to be, among the flowers and the trees.

This little girl was kind and gentle, but her home life was anything but.  Her parents, busy with work, would often overlook her, especially when they were fighting…and they fought a lot.  The little girl would run outside to her safe spot until the yelling quieted down.

But the tension at home never calmed down.  It was always thick and present.  It laced every interaction her parents had with each other.  This stress started to wear on the little girl and over time, it changed her.

As she grew, in order to cope, she looked for ways to escape the conflict.  There were many options to choose from—she chose alcohol.  What she didn’t understand was how this alcohol couldn’t provide the escape she was hoping for.  Instead it jailed her in a prison with more conflict and pain than she could have imagined.

As time passed, she did her best to control herself.  She wore the brightest smile and would laugh and laugh.  So many people never knew what kept her chained.  Though the sandy haired woman had a family and friends, she was filled with so much pain.

She couldn’t face the prison, so she denied it.  Ignored it.  Tried to pretend it didn’t exist and in the process, she hurt those she loved most.  Shame covered her and tried to destroy her.  It lied to her and told her she was unworthy, unloved, ugly.  It whispered that no one would ever love her if they knew her secrets.  So she hid them deeper.

The beauty of this sad story, like all our stories, is that the end is not yet written.  We have the blessing of allowing Jesus to write our endings.  To surrender our pasts to Him and allow Him to remove our shame and redeem our stories.  He will not give us a fairy-tale ending, but a good ending because Jesus is good and all He does within us is good.

Jesus will take our shame that threatens to destroy, and work it for our good.  He rectifies our mistakes…makes good from bad.

Even if we end up in a real prison, Jesus advocates and intercedes for us.  He replaces our shame with His love and washes us white as snow.  There is no story too bad for Jesus to rewrite.  After all, Jesus is the author of our faith.

Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours. Isaiah 61: 7


Until next time,



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{Beauty} The Beauty of Worship

Written by Melissa Longval

Worshipping the Lord with music and song comes easily to me.  Not that I am gifted in it, but I enjoy it very much and often turn to worship during the struggles and joys of life.

Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.  Know that the Lord is God. It is he, who made us, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Psalm 100:1-3

When my children were little, I was often interrupted during worship time to help them with some need.  I remember looking around at the people praising and worshipping, and being struck with the beauty I saw.

Eyes closed, peace all over…Some had hands raised and others had them down at their sides.  Many faces were turned up towards heaven while others had heads bowed down.  It was such a powerful moment for me that I almost felt like I was intruding on these dear people…these precious brothers and sisters in Christ.  Like I had caught a glimpse into something only meant for an audience of One.  It took my breath away.

To see the beauty of the Lord like that has marked me for life.  Witnessing the power of worship as I did, has changed how I view worship.  I had previously thought God wanted our worship, because He deserves it.  But after what I witnessed I realized how much worship does for us…and that is a big part of why God calls us to worship Him.  When we are focused, with our gaze towards Him alone, peace flows freely and humility ushers us to throne of grace!

Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and thus let us offer to God acceptable worship, with reverence and awe,  for our God is a consuming fire.  Hebrews 12:28-29

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s. Psalm 103: 1-5

So the next time you are tempted to despair, remember to turn your face towards heaven, and worship your Creator.  Let the beauty of the Lord and His peace surround you as you surrender to Him.

Until next time,

Melissa Longval

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{Beauty} The Simplicity of His Presence

Written by: Kerrington Sweeney

This post was originally written for my other blog, a couple of years go! Enjoy as 15 year old me, shares some wisdom with you today:

Something I have recently been learning is that you don’t need a big church service with lights, instruments, guest speakers and a bunch of people, to feel the presence of God…

Although, these are all important in our Christian walk, they are only a part of God’s Orchestra on the earth… I have always had the mindset that you need a conference or a big church event or even just a Pastor praying for you to have an “Encounter” with the Holy Spirit.  I think the reason why I have always had this mindset is because that’s the only places I had ever had an “Encounter” with the Holy Spirit, in a way like that ever before. 
Actually speaking of encounters with the Holy Spirit, just recently my church was having a Baptismal service at the beginning of this past summer!  (I always get so excited for Water Baptisms!! It is one of my favorite times in church) 
As I was standing at the front of the church that particular Sunday morning watching all these people as they came up from under the water, set free and cleansed by the Holy Spirit.  It was just amazing and oh so breath-taking!  It filled my heart with an abundance of great joy! 
Something that my church does which is really neat and I absolutely love, is that every time someone comes up out of the water we Celebrate as a Congregation, as a Community, as a Church Family.  We shout for joy because a life now has a fresh start… To not look at the past but, to look forward to what God has in store for their new life!! Off with the old, on with the new 🙂 
As they came near to the end of the water baptisms that day and things were starting to get a little more quiet and peaceful in the Sanctuary…
One of the pastors said “If anyone wants to be baptized there is still time… Don’t worry we can find you a towel ;).” As she spoke those words I instantly had the urge, to want to be water baptized again for the second time, 
And I didn’t even know why!? 
I had already been water baptized before so why again?…I was like “okay am I going crazy?!” or is this actually the Holy Spirit telling me to do something?(on top of all this, I was wearing a pretty dress and high heels that Sunday…Goodness! Holy Spirit could have warned me that I needed to bring an outfit change…lol) 
So I ran over to my mom who was standing on the other side of the Sanctuary and I told her all my thoughts…Long story short, I got water Baptized (in my pretty dress) for the second time and had an amazing life-altering experience with God in that tank!
It wasn’t about the many Pastors being in the tank praying for me, or the bunch of people watching, or the up-beat music playing in the back ground, or even my friends and family standing outside of the tank supporting me.
It was just me and the Holy Spirit getting re-connected in such a simple, deeper, and intimate way 🙂 
After I came up from the water that day I felt so alive, free, and ready to take on whatever life would throw my way…because I knew the Holy Spirit lives inside of me & is always there!
Whenever life has gotten stressful and times get rough…(well as rough as a 15year olds life can I think back to that “Encounter” with the Holy Spirit that radically changed my life forever that one Sunday morning. I will cherish those tender memories and I so look forward to many more Encounters with my sweet King 🙂 
If you remember anything from today’s post remember this…
You don’t need a Church service or a Water Baptism or even a Pastor praying for you to have an “Encounter” of His wonderful, sweet presence… Holy Spirit is so simple but, so meaningful that you could receive a “touch” of his wonderful presence while drinking your tea this morning!!
You never know when he’s going to pop by… Better keep the kettle on 😉 
Take a few minutes and just simply listen to The Lord. Open your heart to what the Holy Spirit wants to speak to YOU this morning…Have an incredibly blessed day!!!
  Until Next Time,
Amie, {Beauty}

{Beauty} The Little Flower

Written by: Amie Comber

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” –James Thurber

There’s a clearing in a small wood that has a rocky patch on the ground.  The sunlight streams through the trees and iridescent light touches the floor at geometric angles.  It’s the kind of place where no plants grow, and yet in the middle of that small patch of rocky earth, there is a single delicate flower bursting from the ground.  It was so beautiful, yet so simple.  It’s hidden from everyday hustle and bustle, but those who are lucky enough to find it see the beauty that it has to offer.

It may be a strange comparison, but I would like to be beautiful like this flower.  It doesn’t beg for attention, yet it shines with all of its might.  A flower doesn’t boast of strength, yet anyone that took a moment to see it would realize the strength it took for it to grow in the place it had, and with the adversity surrounding it.  It isn’t there for the accolades of others, it is purely there because some Gardner had faith in it and lovingly tended to it as it grew.  This flower turns its face towards the source of light and takes small steps of growth everyday.

I want to turn my face towards the source of my life and live my life for HIS glory and not for the world around me.  My goal is that when someone sees me, they see HIS love through me.  When they hear my voice talking, they hear HIS truth pouring through the words I’m stringing together.  When someone sees a storm that crashes in on my life, they see joy shine the brightest on a dark night.  I want to take small steps to grow everyday.  I want small goals to bloom a little more, to take another step at deepening my relationship with my Saviour, and to beat the adversity that surrounds me and threatens to thwart my growth.

Sweet girl, know that you were planted where you were for a reason.  Your beauty shines because of the ONE shining through you.  Turn your face and heart towards the One who tends to your heart.  Keep growing a little every single day, and shine with all of your might not because of anyone else, but because of the honest beauty inside your soul.  It’s pleasing to the Gardener when we bloom to our fullest potential.

I like to think that the ones to search for something beautiful will find it.  The flower wasn’t asking for attention, I was just looking for something beautiful that special day.  Do you see the beauty around you?  It’s there… sometimes you just have to take the time to look.

Until next time,


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{Beauty} There is Beauty All Around Us

Written By: Taylor Fast

In the news recently we have seen the destruction of many communities throughout the world, which have led to refugees from these communities to come into our neighbourhoods to live and start life again.  We see people then, who speak a different language than us, dress differently than us, think differently than us, and believe in different things than us.  That is a GREAT thing.  I am writing this to remind everyone that we are called to love our neighbour as we love ourselves.  This means, no matter where they come from we love them.  I could only imagine the experience of moving to a completely different country where the cultures are quite different, I would only hope that I would be cared for and loved by others so that the transition of moving could be made easier.

What a great example of the Christian lifestyle we are to others, when we show love and respect for all- no matter how different they may SEEM to be from us.  If we attempt to put ourselves in the shoes of those who are refugees, we could think of a life of starting over.  You are separated from family, you miss certain aspects of your historical roots at home, and/or you may have been taken away from an education or career you loved back home.  We need to embrace all cultures and all people with open arms, as that is what God has called us to do.  He has called us to be Christ-like, and that means showing love for all.

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matthew 7:1-2

The world can seem full of hate as we turn on the news, but we can be the beckon of hope for others.  Do not be quick to judge someone, but be open towards them instead with love and compassion.  Everyone has beauty and has a story to be told, whether it be someone in your classroom, your office, or in your neighbourhood.  No matter who, no matter where, we have a job to do, and that is to love others.

I challenge you readers today, to love someone who you would normally find harder to love.  I also challenge you to be open-armed and gentle with everyone who crosses your path.

Until Next Time,

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{Beauty} Every Line Tells a Story

Written By: Joceline Sweeney

As I have looked at my face over the passing years, I have found the reflection I see in the mirror to be ever so quickly changing.  No longer does my skin have that youthful glow like it did on the day I said I do.  No longer does it have that soft suppleness that I wore even while being a young mom.  Now as I look, I see things have started to age and show.  When it comes to outward beauty this can be very disheartening for us as women as we are so often judged by our appearances.  How long we can stay youthful looking, defying gravity!  I am here to tell you don’t be discouraged…

My face tells a story.

From the crow’s feet that have crept in around my eyes, which some days feel like they appeared overnight, but these are from timeless visits year after year, summer after summer, taking my girls to the park sitting on the bench squinting watching as they had the best time, running jumping, climbing, swinging …All the while calling to me to make sure I was watching their every move.  That’s where they came from.  Would I trade any of those sweet dancing, twirling memories for a few less lines around my eyes?

From the furrow on my forehead that has now permanently parked itself there… that even bangs couldn’t hide, these are from many sleepless, worrisome nights, rocking, cradling my darling babies through whatever sickness they had succumb to.  Would I trade any of those precious times I was able to spend praying for my children, not only for their healing but for their futures…would I give that up for a smooth, wrinkle free brow?

From the smile lines that now encompass my mouth, these are the ones I got because my heart was so filled with love for my girls, I couldn’t help but smile.  From the times they said something just absolutely adorable, to the day each one learned how to read, the day they accepted Jesus into their hearts, to the times we laughed and laughed till our bellies hurt.  These lines are my favourite; with a grateful, joyful heart I earned these ones.

As you look deep into your reflection, take the time to observe the lines that have now taken up residence on your face and instead of being discouraged by what time has done to you, remember the times that have gone into your story.  Before you know it, a beautiful smile that can light up a room will spread across your face, and that my friends is where you’ll see… a life well lived that is full of true beauty.

Until Next Time,




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Welcome, NEW Team Member! 

Good Morning Y’all! 

We are always growing and changing through ministry. With that being said, we are beyond excited here at UYM to be annoucning a brand NEW Team Member! Lorey is now, the head of our graphic designing! Please give her a very warm welcome! 

Lorey, welcome to the UYM family! 💙


Lorey Lyons is a 20-something, faith-filled princess who is loving her very blessed life as a Mother and Wife! She is a full time student, homeschooler, graphic designer, and Blogger. She and her beautiful family reside in the State of Oklahoma, while her husband attends Rhema Bible Training College. She has a hunger for spiritual growth and a heart for her sisters in Christ, feeling abundantly blessed to have been called to minister to them. 

You can find her most days with her feet tucked under her, a bible to her left and a toddler to her right, sitting at her laptop creating both beautiful images and encouraging words to bring joy, adventure, and peace to the world around her.