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{Beauty}  5 Things I’m Learning from My Teenage Daughter!

Written By: Angela Howard

If you Google “teenage daughter” some of the first results include:

Drama Overload

Why Mothers and Teenage Daughters Fight




This feels less than encouraging for those who are entering this parenting stage or for those of us smack dab in the middle of it.  Is it really as bad as all of that?  I’d like to offer another perspective.

Last week my 14 year-old daughter, Emily, came home from school to learn that a friend’s family was in crisis.  I was bringing dinner to them, so she offered to make a cake.  The only problem was that she’s never actually made a cake before, technically speaking.  This didn’t stop her for a second.  She tackled the task, and 30 minutes later there were two 8-inch chocolate cakes cooling on baking racks in the kitchen.

“Let’s go upstairs and talk while they cool.”

Before I knew it she had me in her room, snuggling on her bed, while she described in detail all of her dreams for designing a new room.

“We should take a nap!” she declared.

So we did.  Twenty minutes later the kitchen timer woke us up and she frosted the cakes, complete with pastel-coloured sprinkles.

On our way to deliver to goodies I asked her if she had any homework.

“Mom, you need to be mindful and present in the moment.  I can’t do my homework right now in the car.  Just be with me.”  She reached over and held my hand.  I could have cried.  Is it really possible to live like that?  Not being concerned about the next thing and just enjoying the moment?  Emily is showing me it is.

 5 Things I’m Learning from My Teenage Daughter

Be present: When I choose to be in the moment with my daughter I’m able to connect with her in a meaningful way and show compassion instead of selfishness.

Value people over tasks: Multi-tasking is for tasks, not for people. – Alicia Britt Chole

Rest: Getting enough sleep and even taking a nap is a sign that you trust God with everything that might not get done.  Can we humbly admit that we’re not in control of everything and just go take a nap?  (Achieve More by Sleeping More)

Learn something new: Last week it was baking a cake and this week it’s drawing.  Emily is never afraid of learning something new.  Are you?  You might discover a new passion.  Set aside your fear of failure and go on an adventure!

Trusting God: Last night I tucked Emily into bed and I looked at a young woman who is fearfully and wonderfully made by her Creator (Psalm 139:14).  God is with her and He has made her in His image.  I can trust God with my daughter because He is her Shepherd (Psalm 23).  He will take care of her needs, He will lead her, guide her, restore her, comfort her, love her—God is with her.  My prayer is that she will always choose to be with Him.

What are you learning from your children?  Please comment below.

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~ Angela


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