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{Faith} “His Still Small Voice – Can You Hear It?”

Written By: Michelle Slauenwhite

His Still Small Voice – Can you Hear It?  Humour me for a moment, will you?  Stop what you are doing.  Close your eyes.  Remember that good old childhood song favourite ~ Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star?  With your eyes closed (yes, I’m really asking you to do this – and no peaking!)  hum the tune in your head (without making a sound). 
Could you hear the tune, even though your vocal chords weren’t actually producing an audible noise?
Years back, when I was a child in Sunday School, I remember Pastor Julia (my Children’s Pastor) explaining to a group of us kids, about how the exercise that you just did is very similar to what God’s still small voice sounds like.  God’s voice may come to you in the sound of your own voice, yet it is God speaking to you.  I find that He uses words and phrases that I would use  (not complicated wording or old English!).
When you hummed Twinkle, Twinkle in your head, you could almost “hear” the words and the tune, couldn’t you?  That’s exactly how God’s voice sounds to me!
 I remember back as a kiddo, thinking to myself ~ well how will I know if it’s God’s idea in my head or something I conjured up in my own mind?  Pastor Julia must have known that we would all have that same question because she continued on, explaining that if the idea or thoughts in our heads were Biblical, and something good, that we would then know it was a “God thing”.  God has spoken to me time and time again! 
Whether He asks me to bless someone financially, to drop a coffee off to brighten someone’s day, or to send a letter of encouragement to a friend ~ I just love the moments when I’m sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit to hear His leading!  Not to mention all the times He speaks to me about my own spiritual journey, and reveals His love and direction to me, especially in moments that I truly need it!  Pastor Julia’s lesson never left me. 
Even as an adult, life can become quite noisy ~ phones ringing, texts dinging, Facebook messages pinging and TV’s blaring.  It’s no wonder that often, no matter what our age, God’s still small voice can be drowned out by so many of life’s distractions.  I would encourage you ladies to take a few quiet moments throughout your day to give God room to speak to you. 
Silence the noise that you find around you, and quiet yourself with Him, asking that He would guide you and direct you.  Ask Him what His plans are for your day.  Ask what you can do for Him each day.  Ask Him to reveal truths to you that will encourage you in your spiritual walk.  God is always near – but He is waiting for moments to connect with us in meaningful ways.  Let’s not miss an opportunity to hear His still small voice.  After all, it will change everything!
  About Michelle:
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Michelle loves doing life with her handsome husband, Shaun, and her two beautiful girls, Braeya & Analeigh.  Michelle is a pastor’s wife and loves to see God working through children in their local church!  She also enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and doing ministry together as a family.  You can often find Michelle in high heels, in search of candy, and enjoying life’s everyday moments.

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