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{Talks With Teri} Ditch the #Baditude 

Written By: Teri Johnson

This isn’t YOU, is it?
You’re not someone with a BAD ATTITUDE, right?

Well… what I know is »» the #baditude can creep in from time to time AND it doesn’t serve anyone well. Agree?

I stumbled across this guote, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you’ll never go anywhere until you change it.” «« LOVE IT!
SO — how do we change it? I’ve got 4 suggestions:

1. THINK DIFFERENTLY.  Our attitude starts with our thoughts.  If you want your attitude to change, change your thoughts — change your life!  Look for the GOOD!  I know, life is not always GREAT…but if we can look for the good in ALL circumstances, our attitude will follow.

2. SMILE.  I’m amazed by the power of a SMILE!  IF you find yourself down in the dumps and thinking negatively — choose to put a smile on your face, you will see a shift!

3. NO ONE IS PERFECT.  Most often we let others effect our attitude.  IF we keep this truth top of mind, we can rise above our circumstances and extend others grace.  This will help us keep the attitude in check.  Others will NOT have the power to bring us down.

4. GRATITUDE LIST!  List five things you’re grateful for.  Being grateful cultivates a positive attitude.  Listing all of the things for which you’re thankful will help you counteract any negative thoughts that may arise.  In situations where you feel negative, read the list of things for which you’re grateful.  This will remind you to stay positive.  It seems like it’s too simple, BUT the power of gratitude changes everything!


IF the #baditude has gotten the best of you and you’re ready to kick it to the curb, CLICK HERE «« to download No More Pity Parties: The Easiest Most Effective Way to End Them Fast!  WHY?  Because that where #baditudes take us! GROSS!

AND…IF YOU are a Christian women of faith — YOU are invited to JOIN me + other amazing ladies in Refine Community where I offer group coaching and other awesomeness! I will help YOU:

SEE the good in ALL things + RISE above your circumstances.!
Until Next Time,



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