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{Beauty} Every Line Tells a Story

Written By: Joceline Sweeney

As I have looked at my face over the passing years, I have found the reflection I see in the mirror to be ever so quickly changing.  No longer does my skin have that youthful glow like it did on the day I said I do.  No longer does it have that soft suppleness that I wore even while being a young mom.  Now as I look, I see things have started to age and show.  When it comes to outward beauty this can be very disheartening for us as women as we are so often judged by our appearances.  How long we can stay youthful looking, defying gravity!  I am here to tell you don’t be discouraged…

My face tells a story.

From the crow’s feet that have crept in around my eyes, which some days feel like they appeared overnight, but these are from timeless visits year after year, summer after summer, taking my girls to the park sitting on the bench squinting watching as they had the best time, running jumping, climbing, swinging …All the while calling to me to make sure I was watching their every move.  That’s where they came from.  Would I trade any of those sweet dancing, twirling memories for a few less lines around my eyes?

From the furrow on my forehead that has now permanently parked itself there… that even bangs couldn’t hide, these are from many sleepless, worrisome nights, rocking, cradling my darling babies through whatever sickness they had succumb to.  Would I trade any of those precious times I was able to spend praying for my children, not only for their healing but for their futures…would I give that up for a smooth, wrinkle free brow?

From the smile lines that now encompass my mouth, these are the ones I got because my heart was so filled with love for my girls, I couldn’t help but smile.  From the times they said something just absolutely adorable, to the day each one learned how to read, the day they accepted Jesus into their hearts, to the times we laughed and laughed till our bellies hurt.  These lines are my favourite; with a grateful, joyful heart I earned these ones.

As you look deep into your reflection, take the time to observe the lines that have now taken up residence on your face and instead of being discouraged by what time has done to you, remember the times that have gone into your story.  Before you know it, a beautiful smile that can light up a room will spread across your face, and that my friends is where you’ll see… a life well lived that is full of true beauty.

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3 thoughts on “{Beauty} Every Line Tells a Story”

  1. I can relate to these appearing lines but also to the sweet story behind them. Thanks for helping us to age with grace as the Savior smiles down at our lives. The effect we have on our family will last an eternity


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