Amie, {Beauty}

{Beauty} The Little Flower

Written by: Amie Comber

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” –James Thurber

There’s a clearing in a small wood that has a rocky patch on the ground.  The sunlight streams through the trees and iridescent light touches the floor at geometric angles.  It’s the kind of place where no plants grow, and yet in the middle of that small patch of rocky earth, there is a single delicate flower bursting from the ground.  It was so beautiful, yet so simple.  It’s hidden from everyday hustle and bustle, but those who are lucky enough to find it see the beauty that it has to offer.

It may be a strange comparison, but I would like to be beautiful like this flower.  It doesn’t beg for attention, yet it shines with all of its might.  A flower doesn’t boast of strength, yet anyone that took a moment to see it would realize the strength it took for it to grow in the place it had, and with the adversity surrounding it.  It isn’t there for the accolades of others, it is purely there because some Gardner had faith in it and lovingly tended to it as it grew.  This flower turns its face towards the source of light and takes small steps of growth everyday.

I want to turn my face towards the source of my life and live my life for HIS glory and not for the world around me.  My goal is that when someone sees me, they see HIS love through me.  When they hear my voice talking, they hear HIS truth pouring through the words I’m stringing together.  When someone sees a storm that crashes in on my life, they see joy shine the brightest on a dark night.  I want to take small steps to grow everyday.  I want small goals to bloom a little more, to take another step at deepening my relationship with my Saviour, and to beat the adversity that surrounds me and threatens to thwart my growth.

Sweet girl, know that you were planted where you were for a reason.  Your beauty shines because of the ONE shining through you.  Turn your face and heart towards the One who tends to your heart.  Keep growing a little every single day, and shine with all of your might not because of anyone else, but because of the honest beauty inside your soul.  It’s pleasing to the Gardener when we bloom to our fullest potential.

I like to think that the ones to search for something beautiful will find it.  The flower wasn’t asking for attention, I was just looking for something beautiful that special day.  Do you see the beauty around you?  It’s there… sometimes you just have to take the time to look.

Until next time,



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