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{UYM Runway} What are you wearing?

Written By: Angela Ridsdale

What are you wearing?

A thought crossed my mind this morning as I was sitting there. Modesty is not just about what you wear out of the house. Modesty isn’t just about how you dress in public but also how you are dressing when you are completely alone.

Consider yourself for a moment have you ever thought I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone so I will just wear whatever I can find lying around? This may seem like a completely harmless concept. But now think about how many snap chat photos you sent around in that “just around the house outfit” or maybe the thoughts that may have crossed your mind when putting on that outfit.


Personally, I can say that I have worn some very short shorts around the house even shorter dresses. And I can even say that thoughts went through my mind saying wow you look pretty good. Your legs look pretty good maybe you should wear these shorts out of the house. I can tell you that these are not my own thoughts. The more I let these thoughts seep into my mind the more I feel like its o.k. to wear my around the house clothes out.


I’m encouraging you ladies to think this thought for a moment.




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