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{Beauty} Beauty does not have 1 Definition.

Written By: Taylor Fast

There has always been this quote that has stuck with me. I am unsure of who the author is, but I love the meaning behind the quote. “ We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” I am sure we could all interpret this quote in different ways, which is kind of the whole point of this quote. Everything we do and see and how we interpret our daily life is all impacted by how we were raised, our education, the activities we take part in, the friends around us, and the list can go on. Therefore, I can see a flower as beautiful and you could see it as a weed. So whenever we define things as good or bad, other people may look at them very differently.

Have you ever told someone they are beautiful and they look at you like you just said the most ridiculous thing possible? We are all so harsh to judge ourselves. Others can see us as beautiful, but we cannot even call ourselves pretty. There’s something very wrong with that. If I told you to think of a beautiful woman, what would she look like? Every one of you is going to have a different picture in your head of what this women looks like and what she does. I challenge you to think of yourself as that beautiful woman.

Society says you need to be thin, have perfectly luscious hair, be tanned, and showing as much skin as possible. I promise you, this is not the definition of beauty you need to become. You are all beautiful in very unique ways. Beauty cannot be defined by one definition, beauty is different for everyone- we all are beautiful.

Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in His own image…”

How can we call ourselves ugly when God made us to reflect Him? What an incredible verse for us to hold onto today. Remember how uniquely beautiful each of you are. Remember God has an incredible plan made specifically for you based on your skills and strengths He gave you. Find hope and truth in that. So do not alter yourself to fit the ideal beauty image society gives us. Stay true to who you are and love yourself.

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