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{Talks With Teri} Get Out There! 

Written By: Teri Johnson

What do you… want?
Seriously, think about the question — what’s your answer?  I’ve asked several clients this Q over the past 30 days, and got a variety of answers:
“I want to get out of debt!” * “I want my marriage to get better.” * “I want to find more of my ideal clients.” * “I want to simplify my life * “I want more happiness and joy in my life.” * “I want to earn more money.” * “I want to lose 10 lbs.” * “I want God to answer my prayer.” * “I want to start my own business” * “I want my kids to respect me.” * “I want to grow in my faith.”

Is your answer similar to any of these?  Whether it is — or isn’t, I have to ask the follow up question:
What prevents you from getting what you want?
Here’s what I know — excuses will ALWAYS be there for you (us)!

Believe me, I know that too well!  When I ask myself these two questions, my answer to what prevents me from getting what I want is most often fear or lack of “know how”.  Sometimes it’s laziness.  OR…if I’m really honest, I don’t want it bad enough.  Like, the “pain” of staying where I am isn’t severe enough to get out there!  Make sense?

What would it take for YOU to »» GET out there?
Get connected with the right people, invite in accountability, gain access to a community of like minded people who can CHEER YOU ON + coach/mentor/educate you + come along side you on the journey to where you’re going?


Don’t isolate yourself, get out there and explore…you will be surprised with what you find!

I would LOVE to hear your answers to the questions, just hit reply!
AND…IF YOU are a Christian women of faith — YOU are invited to JOIN me + other amazing ladies in Refine Community where I offer group coaching and other awesomeness! I will help YOU:

Decide what you want.

Create a map.

Get. out. there!

Until Next Time,



1 thought on “{Talks With Teri} Get Out There! ”

  1. I want to use the passions and gifts God has given me to help others! Specifically, I want to figure out a way to get out of the current field I work in and find a way to use those passions and gifts gifted BY God for GOD. I want to help teach others how to live healthier and fuller lives~ perhaps a health coach or a life coach? I’m not sure exactly where God is leading, or how to get there, but I just want to be open to His calling!!


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