Guest-Writers, {Worth}

{Worth} You are Beautiful…

Written By: Cindy Morrone

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
Romans 12:2

I drove past this house countless times but for some reason that day, memories from a long time ago rushed in my consciousness; like something caged finally, set free.  I recalled that day clearly and heard all over again the hurtful things said and done.  I realized in that quick drive past that home that I had accepted those painful offences and tucked them away into recesses of my being.

I believed and so I became…

I remember going to this house, tagging along with my bff (well, that’s not what we called each other way back then; that term wasn’t yet invented!) and visiting some others.  I really wasn’t wanted there.  The others really just invited my friend to visit, but since we went most places together I went along.  I wished I hadn’t.

This mixed company told me how they felt.  I don’t remember the words exactly but I do remember feeling and believing I was ugly….fat…. and not wanted.  It was a long and horrible visit.

I recall similar situations throughout my growing up years…feeling unwanted and somehow unworthy to most.  Whether it was my childhood and living through the tragedy of a parent gripped in alcoholism or being raised in a single parent home; whether it was just what kids/people say/do to one another; or whether it was my own perceptions observed by my tainted vision.  I allowed harmful thoughts to build one on top of the other, setting a firm foundation in self-defeat.

It is no surprise that what followed my growing up years was laced with self-inflicted turmoil and sin, only meant to further take me away from who I was truly created to become.

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
2 Corinthians 12:5

If I could go back; do a ‘do over’, this scripture would be impressed upon my heart as it is today and I would take every thought captive; every single one, is this what my heavenly Father thinks of me?  Is this the truth?  Is this who I was created to be?

You see my biggest problem wasn’t the situations or circumstances or happenings in my growing up years, the biggest problem was that I did not truly know who I was and am in Christ!!

Your self-worth; beautiful ones cannot be found in a new pair of jeans, a hair style, the friends you keep or the boyfriend you have, what others say about you or what they do to you.  You are already beautiful, you see,—protect all that God has created you to be!  Do not accept the harmful lies, instead turn them over to your loving and heavenly Father and He will help you and take care of you.  You are unique; hand crafted and set-apart for His glorious and divine purposes!

I have just turned 45 years old and I was so taken aback by my memories.  It was like the Lord opened that door and let all those lies and memories fly away; not to be kept anymore.  I am so thankful for His love for me; He has redeemed me and my value and my worth are solely in Him!  The Lord didn’t leave me there in the pit of destruction and today I am certain of who I am in Christ!!

Bless you beautiful ones!

About Cindy Morrone:

Cindy is a daughter of the great I Am; the one ‘who is, and who was, and who is to come’.  A true county girl, she has lived most of her life in the small towns of southwestern Ontario.  Cindy has been married to the man God handpicked for her for 20 years.  They have two amazing identical twin daughters that were hand delivered by God.  Just recently Cindy has officially become a stay at home, homeschooling Mom.  And even more recently has been obedient to the call of fostering.  She has a passion for speaking and is dedicated to the youth ministry at her home church. Cindy is honoured to be a part of, “We Are His Daughters” and counts her friendship with Mandy as one of God’s richest blessings.


2 thoughts on “{Worth} You are Beautiful…”

  1. This has hit home for me! For years growing up always felt I was’t wanted. I was always picked on, my father always Tod me no one would love me, that I was nothing but trash, my mom told me I was an embarrassment to her. As a teenager I did I would do want ever others wanted me to do just so they would like me, do I would be accepted. This made me feel more lonely and unloved. Now at 56 I realize I was loved and wanted all this time by an awesome God that created me for His purpose and that He always will love me for me! What a liberating feeling! I now do not let what others think about me because I have the Lord On my side now and forever, Amen!


  2. Could you please tell me what translation you used for the verse in your message today?
    2 Corinthians 12:5


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