Guest-Writers, {Love}

{Love} How to Wait on God in the Silence, When Nothing Seems to Change…

Written By: Gwendolina Paoletti

Waiting patiently when you can see what you’re waiting for is one thing.  When God puts a dream or goal into your heart to believe for and the “coming to pass” part starts to take longer than our patience wants to wait, that is a whole other level of waiting.

Silence has such an odd way of playing games with your mind and your certainty.  This is why it is such an overlooked strategy the enemy uses over and over.

The goal is to get you to stop believing, to make you doubt in the silence when nothing seems to be changing.  If the silence can cause you to get you off track enough where you start to “speak” your fear, discouragement and doubt, you can delay your own breakthrough.

We certainly know it isn’t realistic to be able to avoid the “go-through” part of the journey, but we definitely do NOT want to be the reason it takes us any longer than is necessary to get to the end.

How do we do that?

How do we do make sure the length of the wait is part of the process, and not an unnecessary period of time WE are causing from something we are doing, or not doing?

The 3 Check Points That Make Sure YOU Don’t Cause Further Delay:

  • Make sure your beginning each day in The Word and with God.  He will be the one holding the details of your day.  Partnering up with Him before you make one move, or say one word, will bring you a success and advantage you could never have apart from this.
  • Ask God to reveal to you if your heart is holding any unconfessed wrong.  Is there anything you are not aware of that maybe your doing or speaking that could cause delay or where you may be planting seeds of fear, doubt, or discouragement.
  • Reflect on anything God had already asked you to do or say that maybe you ignored. God is all about First things First.  Every step through the process of getting promoted to receive the blessing your believing for has a purpose and an order.  You MUST do the last thing He put on your heart to do or say FIRST, then you get to move on to the next.

Implementing these 3 Check Points into your waiting season, will allow you to fight the doubt and the discouragement, knowing that you are not getting in your own way.  This alone, will help you stay focused on trusting God, and make room for hope to fill you up as you approach the day of the appearance of your blessing.

Enjoy a week of peace and power.

Live Generously and Keep Shining!

Love, Gwendolina



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