Amie, {Worth}

{Worth} Your Story

Written by: Amie Comber

How do you measure your worth?  Honestly now. Is it your jean size?  Is it your appearance?  Where you live?  What kind of car you drive?  How about what music you listen to?  Or how much you make at your job?  Is it how popular you are?  Or how many likes you get on your social media?

We live in a world of comparison.  It’s the world where a certain test score will either make you “smart” in the eyes of the world, or just an “average Jo.”  Your social status depends less on how genuine and kind you are as a person, but more what car you drive, what brand of watch is on your wrist, and what social media reach you have… I’ve seen it.  I think we live in a world where the colours and marketing on the outside of the books lining a bookshelf almost means more than the story hidden inside the covers.  Just today I told someone, “If someone can’t even create a good cover for a book, why would I read the story inside.”  I’m embarrassed that I have said that, and it’s wrong… but honestly, how many times have we thought that way?  Is that truly what gives the book worth?  If so, then my favourite Bible, the plain leather bound book with scratches on the cover from long travel, and tear stains along the pages from hard days, that book, it wouldn’t be worth much, which is not the case whatsoever.

I want you to think of yourself for a moment as a story.  You are a book lining one of God’s bookshelves.  Your story is being written even while you read this, the kind of day you had, the thoughts you harboured, and the people you reached all plays into one giant story.  There is hidden meaning between your lines, maybe a smudge or two here and there, but the book is beautiful and unique because God is writing it.  I think we should start measuring our worth based on the story in our hearts rather than what other people, or even we, think of our “covers.”  If we were to truly ask where worth comes from it would lead us back to the God who made the entire universe and said, “It is good.”  Since HE is the one giving worth, the main desire of our hearts should be to please and honour Him.  Sweet girl, let me tell you that He treasures you so much.  Do you want to hear God speak to you?  Open up His word and read it out loud.  Spend extra time in prayer today; even stay silent with your heart wide open to spend quality time with the God that gives you more worth than you can comprehend.

Take a moment and smile, precious girl.  You are loved, you are valuable, and you are MADE in the image of the Almighty God.  Your story is being handcrafted and made by the God that created love itself.  Let the worries of what others think of you wash right off.  When the colours fade on your front cover, wrinkles appear from all the laughter, and you can’t move around at the fast pace that you can now, at the end of the day, it won’t matter what anyone else thinks.  Your story is valuable and worth so much because of the God who is writing it.

When you see the other stories lining the shelf, don’t compare yours with them.  God doesn’t want to write a million copies of the same story.  He wants to write yours in a unique way, and He is the best Author I know.  Beautiful girl, your story is worth so much.  YOU are worth SO much because GOD made you.

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