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{Faith} Having Faith

Written By: Taylor Fast

As I have spoke on many times before, I believe that this stage in my life is bringing lots of change, and therefore I have been challenged more then ever to put my faith in God!  As I am transitioning to apply for jobs and day dreaming about what it will be like to no longer be in graduate school, I cannot help but wonder where God is leading me on this path.  Applying for jobs gets me so excited as I read about what the job entails and what I could possibly be doing for a living.  The other part of me is terrified to get my hopes up on a job that wont end up being mine.

Where is your faith?!  I have to remind myself of this all the time.  When I speak with my husband or my parents about this, there seems to be a theme that comes from all of them.  God has provided for me this far and He won’t stop now.

“The Testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:3

When I look back on the different circumstances that God has brought me through, I can see where my faith has been challenged and how it has blessed me.  All of the circumstances I was in, God was there with a plan in mind that was right for me.  So I take those moments in my life and use them to remind myself for the next challenges I face.  God is good, and His plan for me is better than whatever I have in mind, so I must stay faithful, as God is always faithful to me.

Whether you are waiting on an answer about jobs like I am, maybe a new house, moving, a new relationship, having children, maybe letting go of something or someone negative in your life, or starting something new to impact your career or education- have faith!  God has a plan for you, and though it may seem at times things are not going your way- stay strong.  Look back to other examples in your life where things weren’t going right; how did you get through them?  How did God provide for you?  Where are you now that is different from where you were then?  When you answer these questions, let that be reassurance that God will get you through whatever is coming your way next.  Have faith; persevere.


Until Next time,

~ Taylor



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