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{Love} Dear Bride to Be


Written By: Joceline Sweeney

Dear Bride to be:

Don’t look so disappointed and say “Well this post isn’t for me, I’m not engaged!!  Even if you’re not in a relationship now and would someday like to be in one, and you are praying that God will bring that special someone into your life in His perfect timing…you are a bride to be!  You may already have a Pinterest board full of ideas of that blissful day.  The only thing that is missing is the name to fill that blank spot on the invitation and face of the groom whom you have countless times married in your dreams, and as soon as he turns to look at you…beautiful, coming gracefully down the aisle…your alarm clock always goes off keeping his handsomeness a mystery that only God knows!!  Argh!!  Don’t despair it will all come into focus in God’s perfect time.

I want to share with you some things that I wished someone would have bestowed on me as a young bride to be.  These things you won’t be pinning anytime soon, but you will be glad you were prepared.  🙂

Dear Bride to be:  not everyone may be as happy for you as you are!!!  Some of your friends shockingly will be upset you got what they wanted before them, but don’t be discouraged; your engagement in God’s timing is an event of rejoicing, a time for you to celebrate what God has blessed you with, an answer to your prayers…

For you have found the one whom your soul loves. (Song of Solomon 3:4)

Dear Bride to be: be ready for everyone to have super, wonderful suggestions of what yours and your beloved’s special day should look like.  From what boutonnieres the groom and groomsmen should be wearing to where you should go on your honeymoon!  You could be bombarded by ideas, thoughts and requests by family, friends and yes, sometimes even strangers.  Upon hearing the news of your forth coming nuptials, many will be ready to give you their opinions of what you should and shouldn’t do.  In no way am I saying you should be a crazy, driven “Bridezilla”, but you already know in your heart what you want.  Make your wedding day about you and your best friend, whom you are committing to love, honour and cherish for the rest of your life.  Make it a celebration of your love, an expression of who you both are, and a time to celebrate with those who have poured into you and your groom.

Dear Bride to be: if you haven’t yet had your first argument with your darling, you probably will very shortly after your engagement.  Not to worry, it will most likely be over something ridiculous that you will both eventually, maybe by your tenth anniversary, laugh about.  Remember it’s just details during this very intense planning time that in the grand scheme of things won’t change or take away from your vow of love.  Most importantly, this day is about the two of you beginning a beautiful journey… two people…two souls becoming one and dear bride to be, keep your eyes open when that special day arrives.  Look toward the altar, it is no longer a mystery… Dear Bride… he is waiting for you.  It’s all in God’s perfect time.

Until Next Time,


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