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{Worth} Darkest Hour.

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Young Girl about 14…Damp tear filled eyes.  Messed up mascara.  Sad expression imprinted upon her face.  I could tell she was depressed. “She had it rough.” I thought to myself.

One week in our small groups at youth, I began asking the girls, about their favorite hobbies or something that really interested them.  Some it was, horse-back riding, others shopping, and then, it came time for this particularly quiet- sad looking girl, to answer this quite simple question.

The room was silenced.  We all waited in great anticipation, for a few seconds to hear her response.  She replied with…”Nothing.”

In that moment, my heart sank.  This girl, even at her young age, was already believing a lie from the enemy, that she had no purpose.  That she was nothing.  She had no reason to even be here on this earth.

Even then, while still in our small group, I said a quick prayer to myself, for that beautifully broken young girl.  When I got home that night, I sat down and wrote her a letter of love and encouragement… I didn’t even know her name but, the Lord laid it so thick on my heart to just simply sit and write to her.  To take time, just for her, nobody else.  Focused attention on this precious young soul.  This is the letter, I still have the hand-written copy actually sitting in my room ready to give her, if I ever see her again.  I look forward to the day of being able to bless her and pray with her.

Dear Young Girl,

Wherever you are reading this…I want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you.  I want you to know that you are worth it, you have a purpose.  No matter how worthless and depressed you may be feeling, God has plans for you.  He has a unique purpose just for YOU!  The enemy  is always looking to steal, kill, and, destroy you.  The enemy, knows and sees your divine potential.  He doesn’t like it.  Now you may be thinking, God could never love me…I am so dirty.  I am so sinful.  I am so dark.  I have done and been around so much ‘stuff.’  Well my friend, it says in the Bible in Romans 5:8…”I loved you, at your darkest hour.”  He loves you, just as much as He loved His only son Jesus.  God sent His Son down to earth to live a life.  Jesus was crucified a horrific death for you and I.  He died on a cross just so that you could be alive and breathing, today.  An act of sacrificial love was taken place on your behave 2,000 years ago.  When He hung there on that cross, in complete agony…He thought of you.  He took every mistake, every sickness, every pain, every, trouble.  HE took it all, so that you could walk in freedom and FULL of Light!  He loves you, even at your darkest-lowest points in life.  Never forget that.  I pray that this letter one day finds you…because you are worth every word.  God has so much for you sweet girl!!

 Love, Kerrington 

Until Next Time,


4 thoughts on “{Worth} Darkest Hour.”

  1. Reblogged this on Robin Luftig and commented:
    Personal value–we all measure it differently. But Jesus measures it the same for all of us. We all have value and their is a plan for each of our lives. Please take a moment to read the latest post from Kerrington Sweeney. You will be blessed.


  2. I hope the letter some day finds this girl or someone speaks it into her life. To live life thinking your nothing and have no value is a very heavy burden. Thanks for positing it.


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