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{Love} He’s There. 

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney
I think at times, we as a culture often forget that God is a personal God.  We forget that He deserves our undivided attention first and foremost.  I challenge you, that before you start your day:
Stop.  Seek.  Pray.  Reach and Regenerate.  Because, He’s there.
He’s there.  He’s there in those moments when you could just break down and cry.  He’s there celebrating with you in your greatest achievements.  He’s there in the stormy crashing waves of life and He’s there in those moments of sweet stillness.
He’s with you in hardship and in worship.  In agony and in freedom.  He’s always there.
He’s there in those situations where you can’t keep it all together.  He’s there with you, as you glorify Him in a crowd of 2,000 people.  He’s there when you weep in sorrow.  He’s there when you jump in joy.
He’s there with you as you lay down your own selfish desires for Christ.  He’s there with you when you need to act in boldness and walk in authority.  He’s also there when you need to keep quiet.  He’s there in the seasons of busyness and He’s there in the seasons of rest.
He’s there when you say “I do”, but He’s also there if you have to walk through painful divorce.  He’s there when you are in love.  He’s there when you don’t feel like loving.
He’s there with you, as you lead that cashier to Christ.
He’s there with you as you watch your mail-man receive the tongues of the Holy Spirit on your front lawn.  He’s there with students who boldly approach the leadership of their schools to bring God back into them.
He’s there.  He’s there when you start to see children prophecy over people and preach the gospel to the nations.  He’s there when you tithe every Sunday at church and He sees your faithful sacrifice and your diligence in this.  He’s there when you can’t move forward.  He’s there when you can’t keep up.
He’s there when you say good bye to a close loved one on funeral day.  He’s there when you welcome a new, little life into the world at the hospital.  He’s there through your teen years when all you want to do is rebel.  He’s there when people try to force their worldly views on you.  He’s there when you need more grace than most.  He’s there when you mentor.  He’s there when you lead.  He’s there when you’re being led.  He’s there in peace and in turmoil.  He’s there during cancer.  He’s there in loss.  He’s there as you send your hubby off to fight that fire in the middle of the night.  He’s there when you teach.  He’s there when you are being taught.  He’s there.
He’s there when you stand up and stand out against the crowd of today.  He’s there to comfort.  He’s there to bring peace.  He’s there to love.  He’s there to bring hope.  He’s there to bring power.  He’s there when you walk in your full authority as a child of God!
Dear readers, what I am trying to explain to you today, is this this simple statement:
“He’s always there…”
Until Next Time,

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