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{BIG Announcement} OBS! 

We are so very thrilled to be now finally introducing a NEW Feature through our ministry and that is….Online Bible Studies!!!! It has been brewing in the works for quite awhile but, now we are able to officially give you a date that we will begin! Starting March 1st—31st, You’ll journey through the book of Proverbs with our brand-new, OBS Team who has been working so diligently to see this Bible study be a successful learning tool in your personal walk, with Jesus Christ. Sign up starts, TODAY!!! YAY! 

Follow the link below and “like” our UYM OBS Facebook page for fun updates, video blogs and encouraging words! We absolutely can’t wait to experience the Book Of Proverbs with you all 💙

Much Love and Prayers! Until Next Time,

~The UYM Team 


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