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{Worth} Celebrate.

Written By: Joceline Sweeney
I am on the worship team at my church. Oh, how I love to sing and worship, but there is a particular singer, I want to tell you about and if she reads this post she will know I am talking about her.

“Am I worried about that?”….NO! Because everything I am telling you, I have told her.

She truly has an amazing voice. Clear, strong and beautiful. Angelic. When she sings it is absolutely mesmerizing. You can’t help, but feel completely surrounded by the presence of God. The anointing that falls when she sings is heavenly. All I can do, is just breathe it in.

This would be the perfect place for Satan, if I allowed him to come in and trip me up. Because remember, I too am on the worship team. I could allow thoughts of ungratefulness for my voice to creep in, feelings of inadequacy to fill my heart or jealousy and envy to rot my bones. Instead, I choose to celebrate the talent that God gave her and receive from it. 
My soul is refreshed when she sings, my heart is encouraged. If I allowed Satan to have his way, I would miss out on the gifts that God has for me through her singing. God is using her talent to benefit me! Are there any areas in your life that Satan wants to stir up within you? Don’t give him the chance!

Maybe your place is to celebrate with a friend who just received something you’ve been praying for.

Maybe your place is to celebrate for the lady whose blog just received more hits than yours.

Maybe your place is to celebrate for the coworker who seems to be getting all the attention for her accomplishments.

Maybe your place is to celebrate for the girl who seems to always know the answers in Bible Study. 

When we celebrate for others it doesn’t take away from our talents and what God has blessed us with.

The talents that others have, if you take the time to see, can be a tremendous blessing to you.

Let the time you celebrate with a friend who’s received something you so desperately want, be an encouragement to continue to pray as hard as she did.

Let the time you celebrate someone else’s blog that is also reaching others for Jesus, be an answer to prayer, of lives changed and transformed for His glory.

Let the time you celebrate your coworker be a blessing to others around of Jesus’ genuine love.

Let the time you celebrate the girl who knows it all in Bible Study, be challenge to you to dive into your Bible and fill your heart with the knowledge of God.

Anytime Satan comes to try and bring you down into the pit of jealousy or envy, stop. Because, the talents that others have, are truly a gift to you from God; you just have to take the time to learn from them and Celebrate!

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