Guest-Writers, {Love}

{Love} The Magnet 

Love: ‘The Magnet.’ Written by: Tori Hazzard

Romans 12:9 says “Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.” 

In today’s time, we may find ourselves throwing around words we may not actually mean. Sometimes the words could be profanity, while other times the word may describe how you feel about someone.

The words “I hate you” may slip out at times, when you are angry with someone or when someone hurts you time and time again. I feel as if the most over used word in the english language is not “like”, but “love”.

I hear many people say to me “I love you”, but the amount of people that SAY they love me and the amount of people that truly SHOW me, that they love me aren’t the same.

Many people don’t truly understand what love is. Love is an action not just a word. Have you ever heard the old saying from your mom, “…actions speak louder than words?” When someone says they love you, you must also watch their actions to see if they line up.

The Bible says, in Romans, love must be sincere. You must truly mean you love someone, and you shouldn’t tell someone you “love them” just so you can have a relationship status.

Also, it says it must hate what is evil. So you need to distinguish who will hurt you and who means it. Lastly, the verse says “cling to what is good.” When I hear this verse I think of a magnet, it sticks to anything that it finds “good” (like a fridge), it doesn’t stick to anything it finds “bad.”
We need to be that magnet, clinging to what is good and falling away from the evil things, or bad things of this world. We especially want to be one of the magnets that takes more than a bump, to knock off. Show that you are ‘sticking’ by acting out, how you love someone and show them that you really are sincere.

Heavenly Father, I pray for bursts of actions towards who you love. I pray we will hate what is evil and repel against it, even if we think we are getting attention from someone. Please, help us to overcome the desperate things we will do to get a relationship status. Help us to be the magnet, that is stuck to your fridge and will attract others to you. Amen!


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