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{UYM Bible Study} Day 16. Prayer Requests!

Prayer requests

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Hello Ladies:

Todays Challenge, Is to be bold and ask for prayer! While I was preparing and researching about prayer for today, this incredible quote came up in my search and I had to share…it says:

“Fight all your battles on your knees and you will win every time.”

When I read that, God really tugged on my heart. Whatever trials or tough situations you are facing today. Give it to God, allow Him to work in your life, like never before. Our Prayer team here at UYM, would absolutely LOVE to pray with you and for you…Comment your Prayer requests below or send us an email. We look forward to having this opportunity as an online community, to pray with you and to support you in your life journey.

Join Us on Facebook at our UYM Bible Study Group

Or by Email:

Bless you, UYM Bible Study Group!

~Kerrington Sweeney

Contact us here, Please know that all prayer requests are highly confidential within UYM Staff.


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