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{Miracles Week} Stop and smell the Roses.

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Written By: Amy Gauvin

Hello Ladies.  🙂  I hope all of you are enjoying this gorgeous day! When I was asked to write about miracles, a lot went through my mind at this point in my life, of where I want to see one. I prayed for God to give me a wonderful testimony to share! As they days went on, nothing was happening (as it seemed). I wanted this huge miracle to happen, how hard was that, right? He is God of the impossible! With Him all things are possible! I realized in my heart, I was putting an expectation on my miracle. I wasn’t seeing what He has done already. I was wanting it out of the flesh, naturally so; we are all human. Watching my sister go through what she is going through (fighting cancer a second time), my heart’s cry for HER miracle to be healed was so dear to me. I want this miracle more than anything in the world!

As I laid in bed on Wednesday night, I prayed for God to please show me that miracle. I woke on Thursday morning, at 6:30am, to the most amazing sunrise that beamed through my window and kissed my face good morning. God showed me that my miracle was right here.  I receive it everyday when I wake up in the morning! I was so focused on “my” plans and how “I” wanted things to play out. His mercies are NEW every morning! I wasn’t being thankful of the blessings He has for me every morning, nor waiting on His timing for it. I woke up and was breathing, I can get up out of bed, I can eat, I can walk out my door and not worry about a war happening on my doorstep, I can kiss/love/play with my children and enjoy seeing them smile and hear their laughter, I can go to work and pour Love on everyone I meet. The list can go on and on. When we humble ourselves, we see that there are so many of God’s children out there that would give anything to have these little blessings. We can take the little miracles for granted sometimes. Watching my sister’s journey has opened my eyes to the little miracles in life. She would love to get out of bed, be able to eat without worry, go for walks freely with no pain, get on the ground and play with her babies, be the amazing manager at her work.  I took these little miracles for granted.  😦

We live in such a fast paced world that we don’t STOP and smell the roses. We aren’t seeing what He has and is already doing. When we pass by God’s goodness and His mercies, a little bit of hope can get lost. We do it without even knowing it. Hope deferred makes the heart sick and makes those big miracles seem so impossible. You see it’s the little miracles that happen every second of every minute of our lives that ignite the HOPE for the big miracles! Be thankful for receiving them and praise God with your arms open wide raised to Him! Allow Him to fill the flood gates of HOPE to rise in your hearts so you can pour it on someone! Give all that in which you receive! Knowing He is the God of the impossible and knows every plan and how everything will work out. His timing is perfect for that big miracle! He is hearing every prayer and knows the desires of all of our hearts! I reflect on how many times He has saved my sister life already.  How many ways He made the impossible happen when there seemed no to be no way.  He has turned her situation into a testimony, above all, I have seen Him capture her heart.  :’)   There have been so many little miracles that He has shown us along this journey, I know He will perform the big one we desire.  🙂 He can and He will; He proves it every day!

Take time today and reflect on how many blessings God has given you from the moment you woke up this morning. I pray your heart is filled with thankfulness and that you know how loved you are! I pray Hope arises in all of you lovely ladies and you can bless the socks off of all who you meet today. I pray His love and His light shines through all of you, and I pray God uses you to be someone’s miracle today.  🙂   Peace, Love and Joy.  Amy  xoxo

About Amy Gauvin:

IMG_3032Amy is a compassionate, loving, funny gal with a heart for Jesus! 37 years young, single Mom that has been blessed by two beautiful girls. She loves working with the public and makes it her mission to pour the love of Jesus on everyone who walks through her door! There is such a need for Love in this world and She hopes to spread it where ever She goes. In her spare time She likes to spend it with family, go biking, walking, reading, fishing and helping/blessing others whenever She can. Curling up with a good book, p.j’s and a tea is Her idea of relaxation! It’s very near to her heart to get together with woman and talk about all of life’s happenings and encourage each other, but most of all have fun and laugh! She would love to be a counselor one day and help the brokenhearted walk the path of being set free and seeing Gods love heal them! She knows through her life experiences God has called her to a Woman’s Ministry, He is still showing Her and guiding her on how this is to happen. In the meantime, She will hold His hand and trust in Him knowing His perfect master plan is unraveling.


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