{Miracles Week} Supernatural Intervention.

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Written By: Pastor Jay Armaly

Miracles. The mere mention of the word can often bring up at minimum a spirited conversation and often finds its way into a heated debate. The reason for this: Miracles are attributed to a supernatural cause, something beyond this realm and more specifically to a work of God.

Since we live in a society and in an age where most people do not believe in a realm beyond this one, this simple yet powerful word can be a challenge. For those of us that have experienced a miracle, an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers (, it often leaves a lasting and life changing effect on us. My set of miracles happened at such a young age that it altered my destiny forever.

April 19, 1974 was a day filled with much excitement for my parents as they were welcoming another baby Armaly into this world. It was their third child and would end up being their last as the doctors recommended no more children due to the increasing levels of difficulty and complications at childbirth and beyond. Although it was a difficult birth, I appeared to arrive healthy and ready for life but unfortunately this would change in a few short weeks.

At six weeks of age I was rushed to Hotel Dieu Hospital in Windsor with a heart rate of 200 BPM. Through testing, it was also discovered that I was severely anemic, so I was given a blood transfusion which seemed to stabilize my health and was sent home. A short time later, my health began to deteriorate leaving the doctors puzzled and concerned.

They transferred me to London Children’s Hospital where it was discovered that I had a rare disease called “an enzyme deficiency of the red blood cells”. My bone marrow was producing incomplete red blood cells and my white blood cells were destroying them. This disease had similarities to leukemia and it was determined I would need blood transfusions to survive.

My parents were shocked, devastated, and fearful of the future that beheld their little baby. To add even more trauma to an already difficult situation, it was discovered during this time that I was born completely deaf. My parents could slam doors around me and I wouldn’t even flinch. This in itself would be difficult to walk through with your new born son, but together it was almost unbearable.

My church-going parents did the only thing they could think of, as the medical profession was out of solutions, they turned to God. My parents believed in a good and loving God and this core value led them to pray and rally many other believers to believe for divine miracles. Many prayers were said through friends and family and in many prayer meetings around the county.

It would be a seemingly random encounter in a grocery store parking lot that would alter the destiny of my life. One day while finishing shopping, my mother ran into a gentlemen she knew who was heading down to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, to attend a healing meeting led by Kathryn Kuhlman. Mrs. Kuhlman was known throughout North America for having incredible and profound miracles take place during her meetings. She asked if he would take my prayer needs with him as he went to these meetings. It was a seed of hope for my mom. She knew she could not attend, or take me, but maybe this would be enough. As this man attended one of these meetings, the miraculous would happen. Mrs. Kuhlman, while speaking, looked to the balcony where this man was sitting and pointed and said There is a baby in London, Ontario who has a blood disease. Be healed in Jesus’ name”. She had no idea who I was, but thankfully God did! With those words, I was instantly healed and the doctors were baffled. My red and white blood cells became normal and my health became strong.

I was released from the hospital and it was considered a miracle. A supernatural intervention!

To say that my parents were ecstatic and relieved would be an understatement. Their baby was coming home, but unfortunately I was still deaf. Although one major disease was healed, they were still looking at a challenging future with their boy being deaf. In 1974, the closest school to train the deaf was in Peterborough, Ontario. It was determined that by age three I would need to begin to travel there so I could learn to sign and read lips. This was still a scary future for their boy but with my blood disease being healed my parents had even greater faith for a miracle.

I am truly thankful that God is faithful and completes the good work that He starts. Miracles can happen at the strangest times and my second one happened in a car with a radio. One day while my mother was driving the car, the A-track player (much like a tape player) switched sides with a loud click. In that moment, for the first time, I moved my head in the direction of the sound. I was instantly and completely healed! Through much prayer, God had intervened a second time!

I could honestly go on to write of the multitudes of times God intervened miraculously in my life. From drinking poison and having my stomach pumped out to almost drowning, choking in a tree, and being electrocuted while cutting a wire as a kid, I have seen the faithfulness and protection of a good God!

The dictionary also defines a miracle as “a wonder and a marvel” which I find very fitting. We can’t always understand the mysteries that surround a miracle, but they do tend to reshape our life. The wonders and marvels I have experienced have continued to point my eyes upward throughout my life to learn more about the loving God we serve. I don’t believe that God intervened because I am more special than anyone else, but I do believe that my Heavenly Father heard the desperate cries of a mother and father and the prayers of a community rising up in faith.

My prayer is that my testimony of healing will stir your faith and remind you, or even open your heart, to the goodness and love of God.

About Pastor Jay Armaly:

Jay-Armaly miracles weekPastor Jay and His Wife Krista, have been with Antioch Christian Ministries since its inception. Pastor Jay is first and foremost a worshiper who loves to minister unto the Lord. Jay is a local church pastor with a vision to see every person encounter God and empowered to impact their communities with the love of Christ. He has a passion to see marriages healed, families restored and people released into their fullness and destiny. Pastor Jay and Krista have three children.


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