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{Sisters Week!} “Gauvin Girls.”

Written by: Amy Gauvin Dedicated to: Stacey Gauvin-Deacon


Good morning everyone!! First I would like to say, this week has been a blessing reading the blogs about sisterhood Emoji.

When I was asked to write a post for sister week, I knew in my spirit this was a chance to honor my beloved sister Stacey. Stacey and I are three years apart and though it might not seem much of a gap, growing up it seemed like she was soooo grown up and It seemed would never catch up to her.

Amy Gauvin pic with sis weddingWe shared a room almost the whole time living under the same roof.  I am sure most of you all understand the “rules” that came with sharing a  The imaginary line was drawn in the room and if you crossed that border…watch out!!! Stacey was stuck with a little clingy sister(me) that wanted to touch her stuff and do everything she didEmoji.  Ya you could say I was a leach that she couldn’t get rid of without the help of Mom or Dad…lol.  The most funniest memory of my sister and I sharing a room was how well she handled someone getting sick.  I had the flu and I remember getting sick in my bucket beside the bed and as I leaned over to get sick I see a whoosh of my sisters pillow and blankets hightailing it off her bed and out the door….not to return again until I was better!!!  She would get sick at just even the sound of it!!!
When my sister got her own room….to be honest… it sucked…..even though she was in the next room…she was sooo far away it seemed.  I knew she was in her teenage years and she would get away with not having clingy little sister anymore tagging along.  I remember always sitting at her vanity in her room(of course she was gone out with her friends, she would of kicked my butt!lol).  I sat there and played her cassette tape of a mix she made off the radio and I did my hair and makeup like she would.  I sat there and wanted to be just like my big sisterEmoji.  I looked up to her and I still do!

Sister quote amy g
The day came when Stacey moved out of the house…that was another sucky moment.  she would pick me up and I got to have sleepovers at her house and go grocery shopping with her (she always bought me beef jerky as we went through the checkout line).  It helped me feel like she wasn’t so far awayEmoji
Growing up into women and having families of our own,  brought a new relationship of sisterhood that I always wanted.  She has held my hand through every trial I have had.  She never judges me on my decisions and always stood by my side.  She gives me sound advice when I asked her for it.  She is their to pick up pieces when my heart was broken. She encourages me everyday to never give up.  The strength that comes from within her is never ending.  I look up to her in a light of being unshakable. She is my super hero!
My sister is going through the struggle of her life right now.  Her cancer returned unfortunately 😦 Even though she is going through this…she still holds everything together!  She is still my super hero!
I need to be honest with the emotions that came along with her diagnosis.  I was mad, angry, sad, confused…there were times where I questioned God.  How could this happen to my sister? How was I gonna live without her…my super hero that couldn’t be shaken down?  God gave me a sister more precious than gold and everyday is a blessing with her.  I don’t know where I would be if he didn’t bless me with her.  I needed to put my selfishness behind me and step up to the plate like my sister has all these years for me and be there for her when she needs it the most.  I am to lift her up when she is down, be her shoulder when she needs it, be her cheerleader,  be everything for her!
In a blink of an eye….he showed the true meaning of sisters.  She is sewn into my heart and the love we have for each other is never ending.  It is a reciprocating Love that will never go awayEmoji I love You Stacey! I claim now in Jesus name that I will see a miracle happen with my sister! God is healing her as we speak!!!
I want to close in saying this, if you have never had a sister before ladies….YOU DO!  We are all sisters in Christ! Just like he sewn my sister and I together,  God has sewn all of us together in our hearts.

Amy Gauving another SIS pic

Its a path written on all of our lives, to stand together and lift each other up and encourage one another.  Its a reciprocating Love that only woman to woman can understand.  We will never stand alone, we have each otherEmoji How awesome is that!!! Peace Love and Joy XOX

Until NExt Time,



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