{Sisters Week!} “Cyr Girls.”


It’s interesting that as I am beginning to write this little entry about the anomaly that is sisterhood, my sister and I find ourselves in the middle of a disagreement.  

Fitting? I think so.
Allow me to introduce ourselves.
Nikki (right) and Casey (left) – sisters born 3 years apart, beautifully single and living the dream.
When we were young, our journey of getting to know each other began. We spent our days playing outside all the time, Case in her tree house (we use this term loosely as it was made of one board that held an old rotary phone) and I reading.  From Casey’s perspective, I was “never outside, because I was always inside doing homework.” She asked me to add that. I disagree.
We got along pretty good as far as siblings go. We went to a Catholic elementary school and attended Mass the odd Sunday. Our childhood was littered with family gatherings and music. Always music.  In fact, even to this day Case and I both sing and play the guitar on the music team at our church and throughout our community.
It is a legacy that we both treasure.
After we both decided to follow Jesus in high school, our lives changed as we started to really find out who God made us to be. Case was the outgoing,  ridiculously friendly extrovert who could make her enemies turn friend with her crafty words and I was the closet ‘crazy’ introvert who came alive with her closest friends. I always seemed to be the planner, the refined one (Case is nodding in agreement) and Case, the expert storyteller, able to captivate an audience even if she was talking about something as plain as sod. It didn’t take long until we started to realize that we were totally different which brought many relational challenges and triumphs.
One of the simplest examples of this is that when we go to social gatherings, Case’s tank gets full and mine slowly drains. You can imagine the dismay when 9 o’clock rolls around and I’m ready to head home while she’s just warming up. This is no problem except that we carpool… every time. Needless to say, we’ve learned a lot about honoring one another over such a simple situation.
We recognize that not all natural sisters are able to say that they are best friends. We are so proud to be in the category of those who are. The truth is, when you let someone so close to your heart, it’s risky business – sister or not. The only way we were able to treasure each other and as a result, our relationship, was by letting Jesus show us who He made us to be and then honoring each other for the differences and similarities. Most importantly, it’s giving each other permission to be herself.
It feels dumb to say, but we do feel like we compliment each other and together we are able to conquer more because we’ve learned how to do this life side by side. Sound familiar married couples? I wholeheartedly believe that this relationship of honor, respect and constant discovery of who we both are is completely setting us up for the day that our handsome men come to sweep us off our feet. Isn’t it beautiful that this Jesus who cares about the most intimate details of our hearts, would prepare us for one of the most significant shifts in our lives using the relationships we have right now? I am so thankful. 
There is something about sisters – shared experiences, intrinsic knowing and the ability to push the buttons that no one else even knows exist. All you sisters out there know exactly what I mean. On that note, I’ll let you use your imagination as to what our opening disagreement was about… Oh, the privileges of sisterhood!

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