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{Love} Be Specific.

Written By: Joceline Sweeney

Love be specific joceline

Twenty-one years ago, this past May 19th, I met my soul-mate. My life was forever changed. Let me take you down memory lane. I was just about to graduate high school and we were off to a convention, for private schools.

The convention was a three day competition of various events, from singing to sports to be held in the state of New York. The school I attended was requiring we do at least two sporting events. Since I was already doing volleyball, I thought I’d sign up for something easy, like running long jump.
That’s where my first encounter with arrogant  boy comes into play.
My turn had come up and I didn’t have a chance to practice but really I thought
“How hard can this be?”
So a running I went, mentally preparing to hurl my body forward.
I apparently am an over achiever, because I lunged myself forward
so hard I couldn’t stop. I landed flat on my face in the sand.
Wow!!! Did that ever hurt!
Arrogant boy laughed at me. Here he was standing there, when I was devastated because I had dirtied my new sweater  and was in great pain…and he laughed.
I had thought he was cute, but not now. Rude, just rude!
The teasing continued throughout that day from arrogant boy, 
and my annoyance was mounting. (I guess the saying is true,
boys really do tease girls they like.)
After some time of harassment, a friend told arrogant boy that my feelings were possibly becoming hurt and that he should apologize. Out with arrogant boy… 
enter Prince Charming.
After a lovely apology, things began to change. I found myself looking to find him at each new event and have some exchange of a look or words.
That was by far the fastest three days of my life, before I knew it, it was our last night and we were leaving. I had resigned myself that this had been a wonderful,
fun time, but that was it. Until, a slip of paper was handed to me by Prince Charming. I held it in my hand and wondered if it was what I was hoping it was.
A phone number and an address. YES!!! An exchange of information was made.
Thus beginning a wonderful, long-distance relationship. Our phone bills were quite high, but we couldn’t help ourselves. We were falling in love and the sound of each others voice was all we had.
Until Mark, my soul mate moved, so we could be closer to each other.
We were engaged after 8 months of knowing each other. We were quite young, but I knew this was the man I was supposed to marry.
When I was younger I had spent a lot of time thinking and praying as to what I wanted in a husband. I had even written a list of things I had asked God for in a mate. What is completely God, is that Mark was my list. Everything I had asked God for, things only He and I knew. He gave them to me in Mark.
Neither of us were planning to go to convention that year,
 but God had already planned we would.
Isn’t He Amazing!
Until Next Time,

1 thought on “{Love} Be Specific.”

  1. I just love how God brings His plan into our lives and all we have to do is walk in the steps He has already ordered. Beautiful love story Joceline.


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