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{Worth} …Failure! 

Written by: Kerrington Sweeney 
Reading that title your heart may be weary and heavy-burdened but, I am here to reassure you; There is a beam of light and of hope, at the end of this dark tunnel.
Failure…It’s just one of those things that even the strongest, most intelligent, most confident of us fear. Whether it’s starting a new endeavor or succeeding at the one you’re currently in, it’s difficult to escape the concern in the back of our minds, that we might just screw up and fail.
The feeling of complete failure, to be honest… Is still something I daily struggle with. Feelings of worthlessness and not measuring-up have crept into my weary heart.
The lack of self-confidence and fear of failure is a built-in strong-hold on so many of us women folk. It holds us back from fulfilling our God-given dreams and desires. It is something created by Satan, himself to attack us from doing God’s will on the earth and distract us in our Walk with Christ.
“How do I overcome these feelings of failure?”
As I too questioned this, I dug deep into the word. I was promptly reminded of the verse founded in
Psalm 46:5(a) it reads…
“God is within her, she will not fail.”
This verse truly inspired me. Yes, we will still fail at times, we are all human but, Christ died 2,000 years ago and took all the blame. The feeling of failure is not something that will stay on you forever, because He took your feelings of failure away and He washed you white as snow. He took every mistake, every regret, every lie, every dark valley, every failure, He took it ALL.
Though the feelings of failure, will still occasionally rise in our spirit man, we can live knowing that we have a God that is believing in us.
And He (Creator of the whole universe, I might add) is proud of us!! 
If He is for us, then who shall be against us?
Until Next Time,



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