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{Love} His Love. 

Written by: Amy Gauvin

 Greetings Ladies 🙂 I hope you are all having an amazing day so far! Today I would like to talk about how much our Heavenly Father Loves us❤ I have been a single Mom for 3 1/2 years now. I lived on my own in a house for a year and absolutely loved it!

Times got a little tough and one day out of the blue, my Mom had asked me to move in with her to help us out. She was living by herself and opened her home to my girls and I. I wasn’t so sure..I prayed about it for a month. God had shown me that it was for a reason…even if I didn’t know why…and it will be blessing in the end.

I had to take a leap of faith and trust that he put this on my Moms heart to open her home to us. Also… Lets get real ladies….I haven’t lived with my Mom since I was 16! I had to suck up my “pride” and put my “wants” aside…knowing this is my path. I moved into my Moms house in March of 2014.

While I was living at my Moms…my sister was diagnosed with cancer. I was now starting to see why moving into my Moms was important and seeing Gods plan. My Mom and I could help my sister with everything we had, we were able to because we were living in the same house and could help eachother as well!
I truly was blessed by my Mom. To come home from work and smell Mommas home cooking!! Awesome! She helped me with my girls school work and let me have “me time”. Most of all….our relationship had grown to a whole new covenant❤

The time had come where God was leading me to start my life on my own again. I recently moved into my own place!! This is where God showed me how much he loved me!
I didn’t really have much for my new place…I had the bare essentials. Three weeks prior to moving…

I tithed purposely towards knowing God is going to provide everything I needed! He had shown me in those weeks he was listening and watching! He showed me he was going to give me back what I have lost and more! Double for your trouble! I have been waiting patiently for 3 years for this day…I was excited to see what He was going to do and how!

Ladies, this is how much He loves us…He put it on many peoples heart to bless me. I was blessed with a new 48″inch flat screen T.V., Queen bed, double bed, single bed, new bedroom set, dressers, desks for the girls, dinning room set, lamps, washer and dryer, leather sectional, coffee table, love seat, keurig machine, tools, food and so many little things!

He knew EVERYTHING I needed!! He met every need! His love NEVER fails! If He cares for a little sparrow…how much do you think he cares for you? Trust, Lean and Rely on him and He will provide your every need. He wants to bless His beautiful children because, He LOVES you that much!!

I am excited for this next season of my life! I hope this testimony of His LOVE blesses all of you today!!
Take that leap of Faith…Go on the adventure with Him. Trust Him knowing His Love never fails and He sees the end before you understand it 🙂 In the end you will be blessed❤ Enjoy the ride!!!Love ,Peace and Joy Ladies! Xoxo

Until Next Time,



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