{A Time To Heal} Trusting God

By: Olivia Brush
It was Wednesday, March 23 I remember the day so clearly it was the day I started falling in love with the man of my dreams. He seemed to always check everything off my “Must have” list. We definitely had our ups and downs but in the moment it seemed so perfect. It was in those few months life seemed to me so perfect. I all my friendships were in a good place everything was just perfect. But its always in the moment when you think you have your life in order. When you feel like you’re finally where your meant to be doing what you’re supposed to do its at that time the enemy comes in and tries to mess things up.
The week I’m about to talk about was probably one of the hardest weeks so far for me to get through. It all started Tuesday night, I came home from volunteering at my local church I went straight to my room to get ready for bed as Tuesdays are very long for me. My Mom then came in my room as I was just climbing into bed. She sat down on my bed and said some not just very painful words but life changing. I immediately zoned out and starred off into nothingness. As she tried to get me to focus back into reality I physically felt my heart break in to what seemed like a million pieces. It felt like nothing could stop this terrible feeling of heartbreak. In addition she then preceded to explain her reasoning, but it just seemed to break my already shattered heart even more.
I went to bed that night heart broken as I did the next few months. A couple days went by after that terrible, exhausting night. I went out for breakfast right before school with a close mentor of mine. I knew I could share what I was feeling in my heart. She gave me wisdom and hope for the future. Believe me complete healing of the heart takes time. Most of the time healing comes with time. Months have past by now and I still have days where the only answer I have for what I’m feeling is tears. Life still doesn’t feel the same cause complete healing of the heart sometimes takes the longest.
I built myself a hectic busy life, I tend to use this chaos to run from what I truly feel instead of dealing with it. Long story short, healing of the heart in my opinion takes the longest to heal.  But just like someone once said “Faith isn’t a feeling. It’s a choice to trust God even when the road ahead seems uncertain.” Trusting God in a season of heart break can sometimes be the most difficult choice. But ladies I encourage you to trust God even when the next step in the stair case seems uncertain. In addition, God is the only one who truly knows the pain in your heart.
Olivia BrushOlivia Brush is the third child out of four in her family. she has two brothers and one sister. Her parents got divorced while she was a young girl. She lives happily in Amherstburg Ontario with her Mom, Step Father and her little brother. She has a very sensitive personality and often takes things to heart. Olivia is a active volunteer in her town which makes her a very busy young lady. In the future she plans on going to bible college and becoming a Children’s Pastor. She enjoys going on coffee dates with her friends, as well as journaling after a long day and hanging out with friends. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

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