{A Time to Be Born} Patti’s Story

Written By: Patti A. Pierce

In 1991, I began what is a relationship that is now in its 26th year.  I met the love of my life.   Dennis is an incredible man of God.  In August of 1992, we were married.  He was 30 years old at the time we were married, and I was 23-year-old.  I always knew I wanted to have children, but I was in no hurry at the time.  So, we set out to enjoy our first year of marriage.  At the end of that year, we started thinking about possibly starting a family.  But once again, we were in no real hurry.  Our second year of marriage flew by and we still were blessed with a child.  By this time, I was ready to have a baby.  All around us, various family members and friends were enjoying the blessings of being pregnant and having babies.

After a couple of trips to the OB/GYN doctor I had been seeing I was getting really concerned.  One day I went into the office convinced I was pregnant.  The staff members simply had me give a sample and then proceeded to come out and tell me it was negative and where to go to check out.  I was devastated when I left the office.  By this point various family members had begun asking questions about when we were going to have children.  I watched my husband’s sister and his sister-in-law being blessed with additions to their family.

Finally, we decided to switch doctors.  From the moment, I walked into the new office, I had an entirely different experience.  Because of how long we had been trying to conceive, the doctor recommended I start Clomid to help me conceive.  He also realized I had chronic hypertension, meaning high blood pressure, and sent me to a different doctor to address that.  After one cycle of Clomid, my husband and I decided to stop that intervention.  I hated the person I became while taking the medicine.  My husband and I discussed our other options, including the idea of adoption, but neither of us felt that was the right option for us.  We both agreed that either God would bless us with a child or He would close that door for us.  We became reconciled to leaving the matter in God’s hands.

Over the next 10-12 months, I lost a substantial amount of weight and got my blood pressure under control.  So, in September of 1995, I could stop the blood pressure pills.  Life went on and on October 31, 1991 we received surprising news.  That morning, I felt like we might be pregnant, but I wanted to know for sure.  I called my husband at work and asked him to meet me that evening at a local clinic to have a blood test done.  I guess I should have told him not to mention it to anyone, but I really did not think about it.  So that evening we went and had the blood drawn.  Very quickly, we were told the results were positive.  In God’s time, He had blessed us with a child.

We left the office and went home to pick up a mug we had received in a Tupperware shipment that made it clear we were expecting.  I wrapped it up to present to my mother-in-law. Then we went to my grandfather-in-law’s house since there was a family get-together that night.  As we entered the house, various aunts and uncles asked if we pregnant.  Obviously, my husband had told my father-in-law, who in turn told my mother-in-law, who in turn told other family members and so the news spread.  I firmly believed my in-laws should hear it first.  it was such a blessing to share the news.

Over the next months, I enjoyed every minute of my pregnancy.  And on June 28, 1996, I was blessed to become a mother for the first time.  As God’s Word states, “There is a time to be born” and this was the time for our first son to be born.  Over the next several years, we added two more sons in 1998 and 2000 followed by a daughter in 2002.  God has richly blessed me through my children.  Even though the road to have our first son was not smooth and simple, I would not have changed anything.  If you are in a stage of waiting to have children, I pray for God to draw you near to Him.  If you are in the stages of young children, I pray for God to bless you as well.  If you are dealing with teenagers, college students or an empty nest, I pray for God to surround you as well.


My name is Patti Pierce and my husband and I have been married for over 23 years.  My husband has been an ordained Primitive Baptist preacher almost that entire time.  We are a Military Homeschooling Family who lives in North Central Pennsylvania. We put our faith in the one true Sovereign God.  We have been on our homeschooling journey for over 10 years now.  We have four children – three sons ages 19, 17 and 15 along with a daughter who is 13.  I blog about our life as a family, as home-schoolers, and our faith which guides our daily lives.


My blogs are:

and where I blog about the very beginning of journey to blog about my journey about being a writer and about working on my masters degree in Human Services with a concentration in Life Coaching.  I never dreamed this is where I would wind up, but this is where I find myself being led to go.






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