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{Worth} Immeasurably Beautiful You

Written By Melanie S. Pickett

Self-worth. Girls, this is so tough. This time of year sometimes brings on some painful feelings for many of us in this area. The holidays are a reminder of who’s in our lives, who loves us, who might not.

The Christmas cards arrive in the mailbox, but what if I get many and you only get a few? Or vice versa? Do you gauge your self-worth by that?

What about how many presents you’re able to put under your tree? What if this year your finances are slimmer and you have to be even more frugal than usual? Is your self-worth tied to the amount of money you’re able to spend or the number of gifts you’re able to give?

Party invitations come. But what if none come to you? Or if a dozen come to you? Does that mean you’re any more or less special based on how many Christmas events you’re invited to?

What if you’re living far away from home and can’t afford to travel back for Christmas? Are you less important because you might be alone come Christmas morning?

If you don’t get a bonus or a gift from your boss, does that mean you’re not a valuable employee?

And if the neighbors, your Secret Sister at church, your best friend, your roommate, or your significant other don’t give you a lavish gift for Christmas, does that mean you’re not a great neighbor, church member, friend, roommate or girlfriend?

Let me tell you this, lovely friends: No matter how many cards come…no matter how many presents you can afford…no matter how many super fun parties you’re invited to or not…no matter how much or how little your Christmas bonus is…or what those closest to you gift you with…or even if you’re alone on Christmas…

All these things…They don’t say one thing (not one thing!) about your worth.

Your value is not wrapped up in popularity. Or your financial abilities. Your value is not defined by what others in your life think it is. Your value isn’t about gifts you give or receive. Your value has nothing to do with how many people you’ll be surrounded by on any given holiday.

Your value is that of a Princess. You are a child of the One True King. Royalty. Priceless.

Nothing. No circumstance. No dollar amount. No person. No anything will ever determine or change your worth.

God knows your worth. He made you in His image with beautiful talents and gifts, abilities and special traits. He went before you to make a path for your life, and even if that path isn’t crystal clear just yet, it’s there…because He said so.

If you don’t get invited to one party, don’t get one card or gift, or even end up in your house or apartment Skyping someone on Christmas morning, your worth doesn’t change one iota. It will always be immense, immeasurable, priceless, and unchangeable.

…because God said so.

~ Melanie

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