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{Worth} Forget me not. 

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney 
It was in that moment, I seen you once again. The painful memories of the past flooded my weary heart. I thought, I was over this. I thought, I was finally out of that ‘rut’ in the road. I thought, I was forgetting it all. Then. I saw you. It became even more real in that moment that, I had most definitely not forgotten anything. 

Anxious thoughts, unsettled emotions and complete unrest, swirled around me as I attempted to ‘hold it together.’ 

Unsure of really what I was to do, I sought refuge in one of my close mentors and asked her to cover me in prayer. I knew, I could share with her in this journey. I knew, that I could trust her, with this special portion of my heart. I just knew that I knew, she was placed in my life to truly lighten my load. Especially, when my load unexpectedly became a little heavier than usual.  

Ladies, my challenge for you today is…When something you’re trying to forget about unexpectedly shows up in your life. Stop. Seek Gods face, find someone to share your ‘unrest’ with. Pray about it all and entrust the keys of your situation directly to Him. 
Let me tell you dear readers, that’s easier said that done. Believe me. 

The lesson that God was and still is teaching me to this day is, to never become comfortable with where I am at. Because God’s will is unknown to us all. You may be a mega-church pastor, a doctor of theology or you grew up in the church all of your life,but not one of us knows the will of God. None of us know the outcome, until it comes. Be willing. Be open. Be ready. 

Let’s pray: 

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for unexpected visitors. I thank you for being in amongst the anxious thoughts, unsettled emotions and unrest. Thank you for peace. I thank you for the life-lessons you teach each of us, on a daily basis. I pray for each and every reader of this post, that you would be with them in THOSE moments. Be their ultimate peace, protection and joy. I pray this all in your name Jesus. 

Until Next Time, 



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