{Beauty} Saying Goodbye.

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney


Goodbye to the pressure of myself.

Goodbye to the high expectation that just keeps rising.

Goodbye to heartbreaks and the people that cause heartbreaks.

Goodbye to the people pleaser that I use to be.

Goodbye to the fears raging inside of me.

Goodbye to the shame that I have carried for far too long.

Goodbye to the hater comments that I took as personal attacks.

Goodbye to the season of mourning and constant tears.

Goodbye to the people that just tear me down and use my God-given talents to better themselves.

Goodbye to the on whom I thought was “Mr. Right.”

Goodbye to the moments of faithless defeat.

Goodbye to the sleepless nights spent sick in the Emergency Room.



But, because my God is greater than all of those things and more. I choose to take a step forward and prophetically say Hello to the things that I am taking and claiming back, straight from the enemy himself.


God reminds us in scripture, in 2 Corinthians 5:17

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

It’s a NEW Day, Sister. Say Hello and embrace it with ever fiber of your very being. Together, let’s declare these things and claim them for ourselves. Grab a hold of this!


Hello Freedom.

Hello Peace.

Hello Hope.

Hello Fearlessness.

Hello Courage.

Hello JOY.

Hello Love.

Hello Faith.

Hello Bravery.

Hello Health.


Hello God!

Hello the old-new me, it’s been quite awhile…Glad you’re back.


Until Next Time,



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