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{Life} Why God?

Written By: Kerrington Sweeney

Ever been in a painful situation and your first immediate reaction is to begin questioning God?  To be brutally honest with you, I actually recently was in one of those situations not long ago.

Something happens in our lives, a mistake is a made, something goes wrong, or something changes drastically in our lives and we immediately begin to blame and question God.

I can attest to that…because I do that, way too often.  Thank goodness for the ultimate grace of God, because if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be sitting here, writing this today.

In life, we all will go through, difficult seasons and tough trials that at times will truly test our faiths and maybe even shake us to the very core at times.  In these moments of exhaust and disappointment, our automatic response is, “Oh God must be mad at me…this must be a punishment of some sort.” No, no and no!  God isn’t punishing us.  Think of Sarah in the Bible…

She walked through a – Season of Infertility.

Sarah was an intelligent, strong and capable woman.  When she married Abraham she made a decision in that special moment of covenant.  She established, as her mission in life the task of helping her husband fulfill God’s purposes for him.  Sarah was a loyal, submissive, and obedient wife and homemaker to her husband.  Even when Abraham passed her off as his sister, which landed her in Pharaoh’s harem, she did not object.  She went along willingly with her husband’s wishes.  Little did she know, that her faith would later on be tested and shaken to the very core of her being?

Sarah was barren.  Childless.  She was lacking in the ability to conceive.  Her infertility lasted for over 90 years.  Certainly through those years and years of waiting…she had given up hope of ever seeing her dream of motherhood fulfilled.  Sarah was looking at God’s promise from her limited, human perspective.  But the Lord used her life to unfold an extraordinary plan, proving that He is never limited by what usually happens.  For with God, ALL things are made possible.  Sarah struggled deeply in her faith and at times doubted God.  She had trouble believing God would fulfill His promises one day.

Psalm 113:9 says…

“He makes the barren woman to be a homemaker and a joyful mother of children.”

She walked through this season of her life, not trusting God…but do you blame her?  In those times, a wife without children…was almost shameful.  If I was Sarah, in those moments, I would probably would struggle deeply with feelings of worthlessness, like I had nothing to offer my husband…Like I couldn’t even give him the treasure of a family.

Waiting for God, to act in our lives may be the hardest task we ever face…It’s also true that we can become dissatisfied when God’s solution does not match our ‘Season expectations.’

Sarah’s life teaches us that when we feel doubtful or are afraid, we should remember what God said to Abraham,

Genesis 18:14 “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

Even great men and women of faith have their moments of faithlessness.  After all that waiting…That Season of Infertility came to an end and she held the long awaited promise in her arms.  Sarah’s loyalty to her husband, Abraham resulted in her sharing in his blessings and she later became the mother of the nation of Israel.

Stay focused.  Stay positive.  God always knows the end results.

Until Next Time,



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